Bangladesh remains a major market for Fong’s


Fong's, at DTG 2014, showcased Then's airflow technology for the first time in Bangladesh. The machine ensures the lowest liquor ratio, lowest water and chemical consumption during processing. In an interview with Textile Excellence, Walter Leung, Director, Sales & Marketing, Fong's Ltd. believes that within a year, this machine will find its place under the sun in Bangladesh.

How do you perceive the Bangladesh market?

The market is looking up in 2014. I believe that political unrest is not the reason for the slowdown in this market, but the shortage of gas and power which is hurting investments. In the last four years, we have done good business with our existing customers who have gas connection, new projects have been few. 

What were you promoting during DTG 2014?

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We have showcased the airflow technology from Then. Response has been very good. This is an advanced technology, and the market will take some time to digest this. It is hydraulic technology that the market is comfortable with now. However, environmental norms are becoming stricter, and the forward-looking mills realise the benefits of using airflow technology, and are currently studying this technology. Knit Concern has already bought this machine.  Once installed at Knit Concern, and if the mill permits, we want to organise a customer day at the factory, to demonstrate to the industry the working and benefits of airflow technology. 

How was response at DTG 2014?

Response has been good, we are receiving good number of serious customers and enquiries. Business will pick up in 2014. 

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How has hydraulic technology performed?

This is a very popular technology. In the TEC series, our latest machines in hydraulic, we sold over 100 units in the last 18 months. I expect airflow technology to break the ice within a year in this market. 

How do you see the future of the Bangladesh market?

This is a major market for us despite various issues that mar growth of the industry. The current focus of the industry on compliances and safety issues, is good, and is a matter of adjustment, which will help the industry become stronger. Bangladesh's strength continues to be its workforce. The industry will grow manifold in the years to come.

How is Fong's airflow technology suited to the ZDHC, and the Detox campaign?

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Fong's contributes indirectly to the Detox campaign. Then airflow technology ensures the lowest use of chemicals during the processing of fabric, the lowest use of water, the lowest liquor ratio, and thus very low level of discharge of water. At Fong's, our R&D focuses on reducing the consumption of water and chemicals, to make greener textiles.                 


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