Batliboi Is Always On The Lookout For Good Technology, Well Engineered Product, InspirOn Delivers On All These Fronts


Why did you choose to go with InspirOn, an Indian technology provider?

Batliboi has always been on the lookout for good stenters for our finishing line. Initially we did go to a Spanish manufacturer. But our experience was not good, the machines did not match our quality expectations, we had to spend a lot of time and effort in technical support. We thus started looking for another manufacturer & identified one in Italy. Coincidentally, the day my colleague was supposed to go and meet them, I received a call from InspirOn. I visited their factory, it is a most modern set-up, and cannot be distinguished from any other good European factory. InspirOn continuously invests in modern machine tools and R&D, at a time when which investments in Europe have slowed down. We want good technology, a well engineered product, and a product which is reliable machine after machine, and InspirOn delivers on all these fronts.

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How do you plan to move ahead now in the market with the InspirOn technology?

In India, machines of this high level of technology are approximately 100 or so, including some imported ones. Then there are the smaller machines. So, we can expect the industry to invest in 20-25 high end machines in a year. The industry is not investing in very expensive stenters, and prefers value for money. Again, InspirOn, with higher production efficiency, & cost savings, will emerge a winner.

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How do you perceive the performance of the processing sector?

The sector has languished for a long time because of remaining in the small scale, unorganised sector. This is changing now, investments are picking up, processors are ready to invest in modern equipment.

Moving forward, what would be Batliboi's offerings to the industry?

We plan to represent good Indian and international companies, and expand offerings in the segments we are currently in viz, spinning, knitting, weaving and processing. Technical textiles is one more segment that we are excited about. We have supplied machines to some large companies. We are developing our team of service engineers for the high end technical textiles manufacturing machines.

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