India: Mag is a customer-centric company, with focus on technology and service

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Mag Solvics, from a garment testing equipment manufacturer, over the years, has evolved into one of the leading players in textile testing instruments across the value chain from ginning to apparel, offering international standards of quality control and testing parameters. In an interview with Textile Excellence, Manikand Murthy, MD, Mag Solvics, speaks about the company's progress over the last two decades, and its future plans.

Mag is an emerging player in textile testing arena. How has been the journey so far?

It has been a 23 year long and remarkable journey. We have achieved various milestones. We initially started with basic equipment for garments, later we expanded to other segments of textiles also. We now proudly say that we are able to supply more than 130 products for ginning, spinning, weaving, knitting, processing, apparels and garments. We have so far more than 8000 installations and 3500 customers. In the year 2013-14, we installed 771 instruments.Though our initial development and market were focused only with basic and low volume instruments, but after a decade of our business, we have started focusing on high volume / value products. Our first high value product was launched in the year 2005. After our participation in India ITME 2000, we started our export business and our first foreign installation was in Nepal. With our focus on product quality and accurately meeting customer requirements, we are able to compete with leading players in the world.Our motto is to provide world class products at affordable cost without compromising quality and service to our customers.

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Which are the segments that Mag has strong presence and competes with global players?

Though MAG has the presence in all segments, but in the recent past, we are able to compete with global players in the area of fibre and yarn testing. Customers, who usually prefer international brands, are now approaching us and it is purely because of our product quality and services. Getting repeated orders from the biggest organization (Ex: CAI) is an example for our product performance.

How has been the export market for Mag. Which are your major export markets?

There is always constant business from neighbouring countries mainly Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan for MAG. But in the recent past, we started exporting to countries like Brazil, Italy, etc. We hope to do much better business in the coming years. We have good and sizeable enquiries from export markets.

What trends are you witnessing in terms of testing, quality consciousness?

Quality consciousness has increased very much in all segments of textiles. People are increasingly investing in instruments for measuring quality parameters which earlier were subjective measurements. Globally, research institutions are coming up with newer quality parameters. In fact, they are interested to work with manufacturers in order to release new kinds of testing instruments, procedures, methods, etc. for suiting current requirements and expectations.

Would you like to comment on your R & D?

Continual updation with latest technology and instrumentation engineering are our strength and competency. Our R & D is perfectly using this strength and delivering to the customer expected products. There was no professionally organised R&D set-up till 2005 at MAG, later we understood its importance and started our own centre with a few people. But today, the strength and activities of R&D are multi fold. There are exclusively four divisions within R&D department namely mechanical, electrical & electronics, software and secretarial divisions. Each division is headed by a specialised people with domain expertise in the respective area. All divisions are working hand in hand in order to deliver quality products. Stage-Gate system is being adopted in the product development. This procedure never allows us to deviate from the said standards. Our R & D has been recognised by DSIR, Govt. of India.

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A.T.E. and Mag have been working together for some time. How is the partnership evolving and how it is creating value to the companies and customers?

It is very pleasant association with A.T.E. It is more of relationship than business. Our partnership was started in the year 2009. Though we had initially planned to work for a short period, today we our tie-up is long term. It shows both our commitments to serve the industry. We have to thank A.T.E. for having faith in us and our products. Since A.T.E. is such a professional organisation, MAG is very happy to work with them. We learnt lot from them and will learn more too. They have created a separate division for this segment of products, they give us continuous feedbacks received from the customers, which helps us to better our products. Like MAG, A.T.E. is also a customer-centric company. Association with A.T.E. definitely adds value to MAG in all aspects.

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Which are the areas that Mag is working now to bring better customer satisfaction?

MAG understands that product quality and service will only satisfy the customers. MAG ensures that "repeatability" and "reliability" of the results from the instruments is never compromised. We will continue to work towards the same. On the service part, we already started providing Voluntary Services (VS) to certain products during the warranty period. During VS, MAG monitors not only the performance of instruments, but also training to operators in all angles. Moreover, MAG has deployed regional service engineers in order to provide support to customers responsively.

What new products are you launching now?

MAG launches its new innovative product, AccuTrash (Automated Gravimetric Trash Measurement System). Customer can measure not only trash content of the material, but micro dust and invisible loss percentage also.Upgraded version of fully automatic high volume fibre testing instrument (HVT Genius) and single yarn strength tester (TensoMaster) will be available soon to customers.            


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