Loepfe: LabMaster Sets A New Standard In Laboratory Measurements


‘60 years of future’ was the theme around which Loepfe Brothers conceptualised their booth at ITMA 2015. There was a good mix of improved innovations of the past and new innovations to welcome the future. It was a good opportunity for us to interact and understand Loepfe’s journey so far from the two men who drives the growth of Loepfe in the Indian and the world market respectively. In conversation with Sanjeev Bawage, General Manager, Engineering & Agencies Pvt. Ltd. and Silvano Auciello, Sales Director, Loepfe Brothers Ltd.

‘60 years of future’, marked the theme for Loepfe at ITMA. Tell us a little about how futuristic Loepfe has been through this long span.

Silvano Auciello: We laid our foundation bricks in 1955 and since then the 60 years journey has been eventful and we have marked several milestones on our path as well. We have been the first company to introduce electronics within the textile industry back then in 1955. We brought weft stop motion into work back then. The second part of our theme is ‘what next?’ We at Loepfe are not only proud of our steady history but also are quite keen to innovate for even better & bigger innovations for the future.

The brand new LabMaster series was the highlight of the Loepfe booth and of course was the attraction of the moment. Please shed light on the added benefits of the new LabMaster.

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Silvano Auciello: Loepfe has always played an important role as a technology innovator for quality control for both the spinning and weaving mills. The brand new LabMaster series takes our years of innovation ahead and sets a new standard in laboratory measurements. The testing devices incorporated integrate the most important measurements into one system. The integration of all fiber-related parameters into one instrument delivers the complete fiber profile throughout the whole preparation process of the spinning mill, from bale to finisher sliver. The efficiency of yarn testing is increased considerably by synchronized measurement of the most relevant yarn properties, like count, evenness, hairiness, and strength. In addition, all preparation products can be checked for mass evenness at the same time as the yarn. User-friendly and intuitive operation of the instrument increases the efficiency even further.

We assume that LabMaster is not yet commercially viable. So when do we see it making it into the spinning and weaving mills? Also have you taken pre order for the same?

Silvano Auciello: The laboratory set up might be a new for ITMA, but we have been working on it for years now. And our aim was not to book orders when we decided to get LabMaster to ITMA, we rather intended to inform the customers about the innovation and spread knowledge regarding the benefits in store for them with the same. We will be commercially ready by mid next year. But of course just on a positive note, we are already overbooked with orders.

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How are you eyeing the Indian market with the laboratory? Has it been a positive response from the Indian subcontinent too?

Sanjeev Bawage: As per as the India is concerned, we have really had an overwhelming response from them. It was good show for us with the Indian contingents.  Even though they had come to the ITMA for the last few days, owing to the festivities. The quality of the visitors and the knowledge sharing aspect of their visit has been extremely satisfying. We are representing Loepfe in India since 41 years  &  already enjoy a 50% market share in India and we are sure that by mid of next year, we will be able to ride on a grand business in India with Loepfe’s new improved laboratory. We are confident that the market share will cross the 50% mark.

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Spinning in India is already a saturated segment, running on over capacity. Do you think the market will open with the laboratory making its way into the mills?

Sanjeev Bawage: Investment is consistent within this segment, owing to the altering government policies. Definitely spinning in India is a hopeful scenario and for finer counts the whole world has to depend on India too. Owing to this factor there will be a steady development in the spinning sector in India, especially in states like Gujarat and Maharashtra.

What about weaving? How do you see the market progressing in the days to come?

Sanjeev Bawage: Requirement of good quality yarn has now become a necessity the world over. Owing to this rising demand, weaving in India is definitely at its height at present and will undeniably grow further in the coming time.


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