Luwa Air Engineering to increase presence in Bangladesh


Luwa Air Engineering AG is planning to increase its presence in the Bangladesh market, by offering a comprehensive range of products and services, to the country's growing spinning and weaving sectors.

According to Gottfried Abrell, Chief Executive Officer, Luwa, "This is a very important market for us, hence we decided to participate in this DTG for the first time. We have high expectations from the event, and have been getting serious enquiries from visitors. This year, we will further increase our presence in the market. Me and my team will visit Bangladesh to network and interact with our customers more often, we will set up a bigger service team." Importantly, the company has begun supplying its machines to this market from its Shanghai factory. "From China, it is easier to supply the machines, the costs are much lower, than shipping the machine from the Indian facility. This ensures value for money for our customers." "Luwa service is with you right from commissioning throughout the plant life. Luwa's local service professionals keep customers' plants running at highest efficiency and maintain uninterrupted quality production. Service agreements fitting specific needs are available from Luwa's regional group companies," informs P K Singh, President, Luwa India  Pvt Ltd. Luwa Air Engineering offers a wide range of humidification solutions for the spinning and weaving mills. These include: 

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Textile Air Engineering

Production of high quality yarn and fabric requires precise control of ambient process conditions. The production efficiency of machines depends on well designed air conditioning and filtration systems.

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Air Conditioning & Controls

Production machines only perform at optimum level if operating in the correct ambient conditions. Luwa, with its Digi5 control system has solutions for all air conditioning requirements. 

Heat Recovery Systems

Luwa heat recovery systems use waste water, air or gas and pass them through tailor-made cross flow heat exchangers to transfer the recovered heat back into the production process or preheat fresh air or feed water.  

Filtration & Waste Handling

Removing dust and waste fibers efficiently from the production process without impeding product quality, collecting the waste and compacting it while separating the different qualities, this is where Luwa excels. 

Air Cleaning Systems

Textile processing exhaust air is very often heavily polluted with oil, softeners, chemical products, fibers and dust, which are very difficult to be filtered out prior to releasing the air into the environment. Luwa air cleaning devices have been specially developed for the textile industry. The modular construction allows for specific problem solutions. Shock condensation & ionization combined with specially designed mist collectors and oil separators help to reduce the pollution up to over 90 percent. On-site tests help find the correct combination of modules.                

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