Maksteel Is A Global Leader In Its Space


Let's talk about Maksteel's journey so far and recent collaboration with Groz-Beckert?   

Maksteel Wire Healds Pvt. Ltd. established in 1980 is a leading textile weaving machine accessories manufacturer in India started with the production of wire healds for Handlooms first. Maksteel has made rapid progress in the area of Jacquard Harness and Parts for all types of Jacquard looms like Rapier, Air jet and Water jet. The company successfully supplies its products in India and other 22 countries. We recently collaborated with Groz-Beckert KD Germany for the production of Stainless Steel Monowire Jacquard Heald with Spring Assembly. The Jacquard Heald wire is manufactured with the German technology at its core, utilising Groz-Beckert mono-wire and Mail Eye. 

Could you elaborate on the new innovation 'Jacquard Heald wire' manufactured with German technology? And what are the advantages and customer benefits from this new innovation?

In this innovation 'Jacquard Heald wire' the stainless steel technology provides a perfectly smooth surface for delicate warp yarns. This permits optimal performance for highest possible warp densities and results in top-grade fabric quality and efficiency during the weaving production. The innovative thread eye is not tin-soldered, but glued, which drastically reduces yarn damage from material wear and corrosion. The production accuracy of Groz-Beckert combined with the complete component solution from Maksteel ensures the perfect interaction of the components for a reliable weaving process.

Product Advantages:                              

1. Perfect surface for delicate yarns

2. No tin-soldering

3. Made of high quality stainless steel

4. Suitable for all types of yarns

5. Highest manufacturing accuracy

5. Durable materials

Customer Benefits:

1. Improved cost-effectiveness in the weaving mill

2. Increased productivity on the weaving machine

3. Increased heald life time

4. Corrosion resistance

How does Maksteel stands in terms of competition? Can Maksteel be considered as the global leader in its space? 

In terms of competition, Maksteel stands at par with the international standards as we provide quality international products at lower price.

Yes, Maksteel is considered to be global leader in its space. Today, the company has an impressive list of markets in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Iran Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Morocco, Brazil and USA among others.

Maksteel is participating at ITMA ASIA 2016, how are the preparations going on and what are you going to showcase there. 

All the preparations are done and we are all ready for ITMA Asia 2016. We are exhibiting our products in Hall 6 Booth No E21. We would be showcasing the below products at our stand

1. Stainless Steel Monowire Jacquard Heald with sprig assembly

2. Nickel plated twin wire jacquard heald with spring assembly

3. Harness cord for jacquard looms

4. Comber board & guiding board.

Maksteel Receives Two Exports Excellence Awards At ITAMMA Annual Meet

Maksteel Wire Healds Pvt. Ltd. was awarded the Exports Excellence Award for weaving accessory sector (large scale manufacturers) at Indian Textile Accessories & Machinery Manufacturers’ Association’s annual meet. The company was also honored with prestigious ‘Make in India’ Award at the same function held in Mumbai.


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