Schoch Reeds Caters To New Weaving Trend – More RPM, Less Cost: CEO Matteo Schoch

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Schoch Reeds, the Swiss-based, pioneering corporate in the realm of weaving machinery over the past century has succeeded in more than making a mark for itself in the art of coming up with cost-efficient and high productivity technology. Currently, they have made a giant foray in the manufacture of high speed machinery and plan to expand their visions for the Indian textile market in a big way. Matteo Schoch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Schoch Reeds in an electronic interview with Textile Excellence Special Correspondent, Venkatesh Raghavan, expresses his view on the current weaving scenario both globally and in India and the company’s future plans. Excerpts from the interview are reproduced below.  

Schoch Reeds produces a variety of high quality reeds for modern weaving machines like airjet and waterjet. Tell us how these reeds influence the costing and quality of textiles manufactured.

In today’s textile market high speed weaving machine plays very important role in terms of costing. “More the RPM less is the production cost” this is the new trend. In that sense manufacturing the reed quality which will run at the speed of 1000 rpm is a big task. Schoch Reeds definitely has established this quality which will make any weaver’s work easy for producing quality fabric at less cost.  Yes, it’s true that cost of the reed for high speed machine is on the higher side but at the same time spending the money on quality reed will definitely give payback in terms of productivity and quality of fabric. If you are not using quality reed then you will not able to run machine on higher RPM. This will be underutilization of machine and lead to higher cost of production.

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With ever increasing competition among the fabric producers, how important is it to select the right reed?

Selecting the right reed in terms of quality and specification is a very critical job for any weaver. In terms of selecting good reed, fabric producer will never compromise on quality of reed. He has to use quality reed on high speed machine and its significance I already explained in above question. In terms of selecting right reed specification, fabric producer has to consider his costing of fabric, order size, competition in the market for that fabric and type of weaving machine.

Can you tell us more about your experiences in the Indian market and how Schoch Reeds is assisting customers not only to weave quality fabric but also to save on cost?

We have very good experience about the India textile market. It's huge and one has to be always on his toes to grab the opportunities it presents time to time. Schoch reeds always believe that it’s not only your best product but a good technical assistance is the key to maintain a good relation with customer. Our idea is to exchange the technical information with customer, check their present problems, know their requirement, find out scope for improvement and work on that. If we could able to give solution on the customer’s need then it further improves the relation with customer and their belief on our product. That is why we have dedicated team of technical support staff for this kind of job. Our Energy saving reed for any airjet machine is the great example of this work which helped our customer to save the cost of energy.

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We have noticed consistent growth in weaving capacity in the country. How has been Schcoch Reeds performing here? Are you also catering to overseas markets with products manufactured in India?

Schoch Reeds has done considerable growth since its inception of new factory here in India. India plant could able to handle major requirement of airjet and flat reeds to almost all corporate industries here in India. We have grown every year by 20% in last 5 years and that is the indication how Schoch Reeds has been able to cope the requirement of growing India Textile market. Apart from that we are also exporting reeds to overseas market like Bangladesh China, Vietnam, Mauritius etc from Indian Plant.

What influences you to invest increasingly in the Indian market and what are your future prospects in India?

The response what we are getting from our esteem customers is a big driving force for us to invest more in India Market. Definitely there is lot more potential to improve in Schoch Reeds India in terms of capacity to minimize the gap between demand and supply. Our aim is to give a global solution to our all weaving partners in future.

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Where do you see yourself in India some five years from now?

We see ourselves as a brand of weaving accessories in India which is a true weaving partner of all our customers and can provide a global solution for any kind of requirement.


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