Schoch Reeds Has Launched Two New Reeds And A Platform For Online Orders


Our products are designed especially for the high segment and demanding customers and starting from 2009, we are also able to supply to the Asian markets from our new factory – Schoch Reeds India Pvt. Ltd based in Kolhapur. Our main focus is on the quality and performance of our products, said Devendra R. Bamb, General Manager, Schoch Reeds India Pvt. Ltd, in an interview with Henry Dsouza.

What was in store for ITMA?
We had showcased two new products, one is the Samurai reeds – made with a different assembly technique used for flat and airjet reeds, which improves the quality of the fabric and efficiency of the loom. And the other one is Energy Saving Reeds (ESR’s) for high speed looms and it’s designed significantly to save on air consumption.

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Could you tell us more about the Samurai Reeds?
The Samurai reed is a completely different technique. The main modification in this technology is the increased dent stability during the weft insertion, thus reduceing the dent vibration. This natural vibration of dents can be a problem on many delicate fabrics. By using Samurai reeds the customer can reduce the risk of reeds marks, shadows, stripes and unevenness on the fabric surface. Samurai reeds can be ordered staring from density 16 dents/cm upto 34 dents/cm, as this is the range of densities used normally for finer fabrics.

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Which markets are you mostly focusing on?
India is surely on our list. We are getting good orders from Bangladesh. China is also an important market.

How are you competing with other manufacturers?
We compete on quality and after sales service. To maximise the efficiency and to reduce the increasing energy costs, our technical team is there to assist our airjet loom customers with our audit service from generation to consumption. The existing customers are really happy with after sales services, they really appreciate our work. Today, everyone wants to use high speed looms and our reeds are compatible with these looms which give the finest quality and efficient output.

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What advancement have you done to market your product?
In this growing online network world, we have created a webpage for our customers to make things easier and simple. Here a customer can place an order online or request a quote in just three easy steps from anywhere, any time and any device.


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