SPG Prints’ Pike Machine & 245 Mesh NovaScreen Generated A Lot Of Interest At ITMA

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With sustainability being the theme of ITMA 2015, SPG Prints was all set to rock the show with newer technologies loaded with a sustainable backbone. The company has fine-tuned their operations over the years by streamlining the functions of the equipments, the manufacturing process, etc by increasing the process efficiency and lifespan of the machines and technologies. From reduced energy usage to chrome free lacquer – SPG Prints today has profusely stood for sustainability. At the extremely busy booth we finally got to snatch some moments with Jos Notermans, Commercial Manager, Digital Textile, SPG Prints almost towards the end of the show at ITMA, Milan.

How has ITMA been for you?

We have been having a busy booth, since we started off at ITMA this year. When we decided to launch the Pike machine at ITMA this year, everybody thought I was going crazy to have planned on carrying such a big machine for the show. We just had 12 days to set up the same, which was of course too less a time. But once we had set up the machine, we decided to give regular presentations for the machine and we have got brilliant response for the same and in fact successfully sold two machines here at ITMA. Apart from this, we also have launched the 245 mesh NovaScreen here at ITMA.

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Are you considering any orders from India?

Yes we are negotiating a few queries and hope to finalise something really soon. But frankly speaking we will only set up a fully working machine in India once we have comfortably set up machines in Europe. It is just on the technical grounds that we are considering Europe before India. We want to be sure with the technicalities; servicing industry in Europe therefore will be comparatively easier as compared to India.

How has been the overall performance response of the machine?

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Very satisfying. The machines have been running quite smoothly under this temperature and humidity parameters. If we are able to stabilise these parameters, then we will soon have machines in India too. It is of course a booming market and all set to replace China in the longer run.

Is the global market prospect of the digital printing industry quite hopeful?

Yes, it is. The market reports are pointing at a 30-40% growth every year. And I am hopeful that it might actually be more. With newer technologies being under the demand radar more & more companies are looking for quality printing and speed, thereby the market for digital printing is also increasing. Today the bigger brands are constantly under a push from the customers and thus they are ready to switch to sustainable and cost effective printing techniques. But digital will never be able to completely take over the conventional technology, as certain products work better the conventional way.

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How competitive is the pricing of SPG machines?

When we talk price, what is important is the 'price per metre'. Putting in all the technology, innovation and understanding, our machines are of course priced higher than the rest in the market. But even after performance depreciation after almost five years, our machine's yield and the price per metre will not go up and will be a completely negligible value. So when you weigh these two parameters, of course the steep price of the machine proves worthy.


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