Super Tex Relies On Innovation And Consistent Quality

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In the India ITME 2016, Super Tex displayed an array of products that captured the imagination of the visitors. In a one-to-one interview with Textile Excellence, Jugal Kishore Pansari, Managing Director of Super Tex Industries dwells at length on its success story.

What is your success mantra?

We are never content resting on our laurels even though we have come up with path-breaking products. We are constantly endeavoring to grow and grow at a fast pace. To achieve this we have an exceptionally talented production team and a dedicated R&D department. The R&D department is headed by a qualified rubber technologist. We as a team are continually working to produce very innovative and technologically advanced products to meet future client requirements.

Tell us about your innovative products?

A few years ago we came up with Multiply Cots. In the search for innovations that motivate us, we hit on this product after several months of concentrated work. These Cots have an additional softness, specially formulated soft cushion rubber layer between the synthetic rubber outer layer & the inner core.

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In short, the advantage of Multiply Cots is that the hardness of the Cots will remain within limits till the end of the life of the cots. This helps in a big way as it ensures that yarn quality does not deteriorate with age of the cot. This in turn gives a consistent quality of yarn.

How do you ensure the quality and consistency?

Our testing laboratory screens every raw material that goes into the production of Cots and Aprons. This ensures that the quality of our products remain uniformly high and consistent. Besides, our R&D team reviews and take clients feedbacks to provide innovative products.

How strong is your presence in the global and Indian markets?

With a strong network of agents and sales representatives all around the world, SuperTex has a commanding global and domestic presence. In a very short span of time, we have ensured that major part of our production is exported. We also have a substantial share in Indian market. We export to almost all over the world including Europe, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt, Turkey and South America.

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Cots and Aprons are very crucial products. They are as important as the heart is important for the survival of the human body. In the entire spinning system, very few parts are directly in touch with the yarn. These two are mission critical components that pump life into the system. Maintaining consistency of Cots and Aprons quality is a continuous challenge we have more than lived up to.

Tell us about your expansion profile.

We have expanded significantly in the previous few years. We started production in 1997 and we are one of the three registered manufacturers in India from day one. We started with very high technology products which conform to high quality. We have made our presence in India widely and pretty rapidly.

How are your markets performing currently?

First five years our growth was phenomenal. In the previous year, we have grown at a rate of 15%. That's our growth target every year. In the current financial year we have met a growth target of 10% so far.

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How was response during India ITME 2016?

The response has been very inspiring. We got to meet plenty of genuine clients who have recognised the value of our innovative products and are keenly interested in making a buy.  We are happy to say that we have succeeded in reaching out to new clients besides our regular ones and this augurs well for our growth figures in the coming years.

What is your take on demonetisation? How will it affect the industry?

In the short run there will definitely be problems for the textile industry. Even though there are no cash transactions till the yarn stage, after the yarn stage, lot of businesses were conducted without the banking channels.           


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