Xorella XO Trend Offers Highest Resource Savings

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During India ITME 2016, Xorella's focus was on the Xorella XO Trend, launched in ITMA 2015. This machine offers the highest savings in water and energy consumption, lowest process cost and the highest quality requirements in the market. Xorella XO Trend was launched at ITMA 2015. This is the first Xorella machine which was entirely developed and designed by Fong's Europe GMBH in Germany, and completes the XO Smart and XO Select series. According to Klaus Kriesche, Product Manager, "The technology is not very different from the existing machines, but we have been able to offer higher resource and space savings. The rectangular shape offers around 20% better usage of inside space. We have been able to further reduce energy consumption with this machine."

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Other important benefits of the machine include:

1. Pin trolleys and pallets up to 1800 mm height can be used

2. Reduced energy consumption compared to cylindrical vessel

3. Improved insulation and cladding

4. Smaller pit area compared to cylindrical vessel of similarcapacity

5. Pit depth for the vessel reduced by 50%

6. Optimised construction of all components

Klaus Kriesche is happy with the response the latest machine received in India, despite the stiff local competition. "Investments in India are picking up, especially in Northern India and Gujarat. We have received orders from this market. And the market will pick up further."

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XO Trend offers a wide range of capacities and is suitable for all low temperature applications. The machine features the energy saving XO-heating system and can optionally be equipped with the waterless vacuum system XO Ecopac, for maximized savings of energy and water.

This makes it an interesting machine also for the Indian textile industry. Besides savings in resources, Xorella's focus is on improved automation in its machines. "Automation is very much an area that we are concentrating  on. We are the leading suppliers of automated machines in this segment. And are hugely popular in the US, Turkey, China. India too is picking up as a market for automated production processes," said Klaus Kriesche.

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Xorella will soon shift production base to Zhongshan Industrial Park, which will be a much bigger space than it has currently. "Moreover, with this move, we will bring all the CHTC production facilities to one place."   


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