Myntra Launches Roadster Go Store in India’s Silicon City

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Myntra is all upbeat about the launch of its new Roadster Go at Mantri Mall, Bengaluru,which is expected to redefine offline fashion shopping experience and usher in a new era in the realm of fashion retail industry. Manohar Kamath, the head honcho of Myntra Fashion Brands, endorsed the sentiment in a media statement, “Our store offers multiple breakthrough innovations in offline shopping experience through a special amalgamation of fashion and technology.”

The offline store provides fashion products at the same rate as that prevailing in the Myntra online facility for the benefit of its customers. Ananth Narayanan from Myntra-Jabong disclosed information on the procedure adopted in the new model, in his media interaction, “Once the payment is done, the RFID is deactivated and you can walk out of our store freely. But if you step out with the product without payment, the system will raise an alarm." Touching on Myntra’s future plans, he added, “We are going to open 100 more stores of different brands, including 50 Roadster stores in the next two years.”

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Myntra spokesperson said the store is the first of its kind in the country in the fashion retail segment. It has been inaugurated by Myntra’s franchise partner. The infrastructure in the store comprises 100% RFID (radio frequency identification) permits and digital screens. These help customers check out of the stores within 30 seconds. According to the Myntra spokesman, “You drop the product in the RFID tray. The touchscreen displays the entire description, rates and total tally amount. The customer can opt to pay in cash or digital mode.”

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