Rieter Organises Seminar on Com4® Yarns At Ahmedabad, India


Rieter, world’s leading supplier of systems for short-staple fibre spinning organised a technical seminar at Ahmedabad, India. The growing market for spinning machinery and system in Gujarat makes it an obvious choice for such knowledge sharing platform for Rieter’s innovative solutions. Rieter gave a profound introduction on the entire spinning system which includes the Fibre Preparation, Spinning Preparation, Ring Spinning, Compact Spinning, Rotor Spinning, Air-jet Spinning, Automation, Winding and Texturing. The focus of the seminar, however, was the Com4® Yarn which has completed 20 years in the industry. The event attracted more than 150 delegates from the industry manufacturing various textile yarns. Each of the delegates also received a certificate on the completion of the seminar.

Com4® yarns are yarns that fulfil the most exacting requirement of downstream fabric makers and ensure competitiveness in a dynamic market. The benefits of the Com4®yarns are visible not only in spinning or in downstream processes but also in the final product.

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Com4® yarns are spun on Rieter’s all four types of spinning machines. Thanks to mature technologies, yarn production in Rieter ring, compact, rotor and air-jet spinning processes demonstrates a high level of efficiency and achieves excellent as well as consistent yarn quality.

Advantages of using Com4® Yarn

  • To produce high yarn quality and ensure best fabric quality for apparel makers
  • To convey confidence to knitters and weavers on yarn quality and consistency
  • To profit from wide-reaching Rieter Com4® marketing support
  • To stand out from the crowd

Com4® yarn has 4 different types of yarn with has a substantial differences in each yarn.

Com4®ringis characterised by high flexibility in the use of the raw material, the yarn count and the yarn character. It possesses a high degree of strength and low yarn hairiness. Com4®compactis distinguished by extremely high tenacity, evenyarn structure, low hairiness and high yarn density.

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Com4®rotor has a high optical evenness which leads to a very even fabric appearance due to its special yarn structure. With a high short fibre proportion in the raw material, the evenness is even better when compared to other Com4®yarns.

Com4®jethas unique yarn structure with very low, short hairiness. Com4®jet yarn is voluminous yarn which positively influences the opacity of the yarn in the fabric. With its special fibre bonding, it has a high level of resistance to abrasion.

The Com4®yarn concept for your success
Rieter also actively participates at yarns and apparel trade fairs with an informative Com4® booth at which licensee have the opportunity to present their own products. There Knitters, weavers and apparel manufacturers are reached to inform about the Com4® yarn and the licensee.Rieter also host seminar and course in India, China and Switzerland.

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The licensees receive exclusively the new digital Rieter Spinners’ Guide. This contains basic setting for the spinning processes ring, compact, rotor and air-jet spinning.

A string and informative Com4® Internet presence not only helps the already licensed customers to introduce themselves but also provides interested companies with information on Com4®.


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