At the recently concluded 18th edition of ITMA, WIZCAN, the breakthrough digital innovation by RIMTEX, fuelled the discussion around Industry 4.0

Global textile industry is at a cusp of major shift. Industry watchers have identified digitalisation, automation and sustainability as the key markers of the new era, which is being referred as Industry 4.0. At ITMA 2019 Rimtex stunned the textile world with WIZCAN, a breakthrough innovation that seamlessly converges the group’s sliver management expertise with digital technology. Rimtex has always been ahead of the innovation curve, this time around they took a giant leap and showcased their vision for Spinning Mill 4.0.

Advent of Sliver Intelligence
WIZCAN is an IOT based intelligent sliver management system, which is driven by Rimtex’s proprietary software WISE. What the system has successfully achieved over several ‘real environment’ tests is complete adaptability to every size of spinning mill. Spinners who are looking for high quality of production, get ‘intelligent’ support in management, regulation and quality control at every stage of yarn preparation. The display at ITMA 2019 has garnered a lot of positive response. Gaurav Parmar, Director,  Rimtex Group, shares with us, “We received excellent response at the show. The visitor flow kept us busy throughout the show. More importantly, we received quality visitors from across the globe, and especially from India, Turkey, Uzbekistan, South America, Central America and South East Asia.”

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Shift towards sustainable spinning
‘Innovating the World of Textiles’ was the theme for the 2019 edition of ITMA; the theme resonates with RIMTEX group’s core ideology of continuous innovation. This got exemplified in their display that included both textile & non-textile products, the entire range had their trademark innovation stamp in place. Their tally of new launches was not limited to WIZCAN. Under the group’s spinning rings and ring traveller business, The X-Axis, the company launched X-Optimax spinning rings and travellers. As per the company release the new product range works with all types of yarns and material viz. combed cotton, PC blends, 100% polyester, Lycra blends and all MMF. The X-Axis range of spinning rings and travellers is produced using the best-in-class metallurgy and coating technology. With it’s enhanced technology, they have showcased that ‘maximisation’ of product life cannot be looked in isolation; longevity, consistent performance is necessary to generate optimum value. This is a shift in the way spinning rings and travellers are perceived, wherein profitability gets linked with efficient utilisation of energy and other resources, helping the spinners to achieve greater sustainability.

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Furthermore, the company launched large-sized sliver can range, SUMO Cans that work perfectly well with the best of the machines available today. They further enhanced their SUMO can with an ingenious ‘Increased Sliver Loading’ technology. Most other cans in similar range offer a bigger diameter, but RIMTEX has completely reimagined this can with a smart can design that adds 10% more load carrying capacity for comparable can sizes. This generated lot of buzz at ITMA Barcelona.

Pushing the envelope for automation
Under the Tango series, Rimtex showcased ‘Automated Castor Cleaning Machine’ as well as ‘Motorised Doffing Vehicle’. Both of these are focused on using automation as a tool to augment efficiency of a spinning mill. These products are an outcome of in-depth research backed by years of industry experience. Experts and spinning fraternity have welcomed Rimtex’s push towards greater efficiency and productivity. With Tango, Rimtex has opened up avenues for spinners to build their competitiveness using ‘Textile industry’ specific automated and motorised vehicles and systems.

In the non-textile segment Rimtex group manufactures castors and wheel under the Kalpar Castors brand. They produce more than 650 varieties of castors, that serve nearly every industry on the planet. They have a special segment of castors made for varied applications of textile industry special designs which are dust free, high temperature and chemical resistance. Kalpar has by now supplied over 2 million castors to a range of users across the globe.

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No wonder than that RIMTEX continues to hold a numero uno position in the sliver management segment. Digitalisation, automation and sustainability – in a strategic move Rimtex group through its range of launches covers the entire spectrum of Industry 4.0. As per the reports, the company has many more strategic expansions in place and in the next few quarters there will be more announcements from the group.


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