Rotorcraft to introduce New Generation Drafting at ITMA Asia 2018

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NGD consists of the RT3 ® top arm and the mechanical compacting system Green Compact ® RoCoS.

The top arm RT3 ® solves a problem prevalent in every mill: conventional top arms use setting screws for changing the distance between rollers. Manually adjusting the settings of the top arm in this way invariably leads to different distances along each ring frame. This in turn leads to uneven yarn quality.

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By contrast, the RT3 ® eliminates set screws, and therefore human error. The distance between rollers is changed by easily interchangeable, differently colored roller holders instead of set screws. In this concept, each differently colored roller holder represents a different distance. This not only solves the problem of wrong manual distances, but also makes it easy to check the setting of each top arm by checking on the colors.

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The well-known mechanical compacting system Green Compact ® RoCoS combines superior yarn quality with remarkable power savings (as compared to first generation, pneumatic systems). It is easy to install and simple to operate.

Much as RT3 ®, Green Comact ® RoCoS follows Rotorcraft’s design imperative: make life easier for the mill! Combined into New Generation Drafting ® (NGD), they provide a simple and effective solution for drafting that is second to none.

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