Saurer To Focus On Spinning Value Chain At ITMA Asia 2018

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Saurer Spinning Solutions, the specialist in staple fibre processing from bale to yarn, is showcasing an abundance of innovative new products, from the new card to new ring spinning and winding machines featuring the latest technology. Also included are ‘senses’, Saurer's digital control and analysis tool, as well as quality assuring components. Saurer Spinning Solutions will be exhibiting at ITMA Asia at the Saurer Group booth in hall 1/F01.

Pre-spinning: Saurer’s new Card J328A – Excellent sliver quality

The carding machine JSC 328A follows the structure of the main carding area of the JSC 326. Several new technologies, such as metal detection, quick-stopping and a self-cleaning function of sliver detection devices, form part of its design. The unique three licker-in design helps remove very tiny trash particles from high-impurity raw material more efficiently and improve the silver quality significantly. The powerful performance of JSC 328A will result in a great improvement of spinning mills’ product quality and create immense value for customers.

Ring spinning: Zinser 72XL – Guarantor of maximum economy and flexibility

The new Zinser 72XL is a highly productive ring and compact spinning machine for large spinning mills, with the new benefit of maximum flexibility in the areas of fancy and special yarns.

With an incredible length of up to 2,016 spindles, it offers high consistency in quality thanks to its new FlexiDrive central drive. It features energy-saving technologies such as TwinSuction and OptiSuction as well as numerous personnel-saving details and customised automation. Premiering at ITMA Asia, the new ZinserImpact 72XL compact spinning machine is equipped with the new generation of the self-cleaning Impact FX unit combined with a new flow-optimised suction tube.

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Winding: Autoconer X6 – Flow into the future

Let the revolutionary Bobbin Cloud take you to the next level. This RFID-based advanced material flow system ensures maximum flow rates, maximum process reliability and minimum personnel requirements. With a quantum leap in process automation, Autoconer X6 opens up a new dimension of efficiency with smart technology: The new, E3-certified generation offers sensationally low resource consumption, palpable productivity advantages and even more ergonomic handling (i.e. SmartJet, SmartCycle, SPID, Launch Control, Power on Demand).

Texparts – Innovations for better yarn quality and higher productivity

Texparts is presenting two new products at ITMA Asia. The new Texparts high-speed ring of 100Cr6 ball bearing steel offers optimal running behaviour with perfect roundness and evenness, allowing the highest speed with fewer yarn breaks and less downtime. The new Texparts yarn underwinding system has an advanced seal to lock out dust and is practically maintenance free. It also offers excellent cutting performance for special yarns such as Lycra.

Rotor spinning: Autocoro 9 and BD – Highly productive with a view to the future

Thanks to its single spinning position technology, achieving previously unattained rotor speeds of up to 180,000 rpm and with up to 720 spinning positions, the Autocoro 9 delivers highly productive technical superiority. At the same time, intelligently automated processes increase machine performance and reduce the major costs associated with spinning. Raw material and maintenance costs can shrink by up to 60% and energy costs by up to 25%.

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The semi-automatic BD 7 machine is also in a league of its own. It offers convincing performance with all package sizes up to 320 mm diameter due to cross-wound packages in Autocoro quality and integrated digital package quality control. The BD 7 reduces spinning costs and increases profitability with energy consumption savings of up to 10%. It also boasts new time-saving and operator-friendly machine features as well as rapid take-off speeds of 230 m/min for all machine lengths.

Saurer’s new control centre ‘senses’ – Debut for the new production control tool

Senses is an innovative control and analysis tool that furnishes textile companies with digital senses for more profits along the textile value chain. The innovative Big Data system collects, aggregates and analyses the production, quality and machine data of the entire textile fabrication process across all locations. During ITMA Asia, senses will be shown to the public for the first time and visitors will be able to follow live machinery data on tablets and mobile phones. The basic system and the first modules of senses will be available from the first quarter of 2019 onwards.

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SUN – SERVICE UNLIMITED – Our promise: “We keep you competitive”

Over 500 service staff at 20 service stations and three technology centres advise customers world-wide in matters regarding productivity and quality increases as well as energy savings. SUN improves the efficiency of the textile value chain through intelligent lifecycle management with preventative maintenance, clever updates and upgrades for existing manufacturing complexes. This is combined with the responsive original parts service with the SECOS 2.0 e-commerce platform. The Saurer Academy, with its comprehensive and innovative training programme, imparts invaluable know-how to Saurer customers to give them a decisive edge over the competition.


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