Saurer To Present Ultra-Flexible Allma TechnoCorder TC2 At Techtextil 2017

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Textile machinery major, Saurer will be presenting Allma TechnoCorder TC2 at Frankfurt’s premium technical textiles exhibition Techtextil that will be conducted between May 9 and 12 2017. The visitors to the exhibition will be informed about the latest developments in twisting technology for industrial yarns by the Saurer group.

On the two-for-one twisting machine TechnoCorder TC2 for industrial yarns for example up to 9-ply yarn constructions can now be processed. The innovative FlexiPly device allows for the production of innovative hybrid yarns. As a leading company in twisting and cabling of industrial yarns and tire cord, Allma sets benchmarks in terms of flexibility, productivity and quality.

High-quality premium yarns with even more flexibility

The TechnoCorder TC2 is characterized in particular by its unique flexibility in production, material and yarn counts of industrial yarns. Self-sufficient spindle drives allow for such production flexibility that individual items can be processed on each separate spindle. With the innovative FlexiPly software you can economically produce the hybrid yarn constructions expected by the market on the TechnoCorder TC2.

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Through the use of different materials such as polyamide and aramid and different twists, yarns with new characteristics are created for technical textiles, tires and mechanical rubber goods (MRG). A novelty is the extension of the FlexiPly device. The new software allows for multiple constructions of up to 9-ply. The possibility of equipping the machine for processing PE-/PP tapes and monofilaments provides the customers with additional material flexibility. The two spindle gauges 670 and 830 mm enormously widen the yarn count range from 235 to 33,000 dtex, enabling both very fine and very coarse yarns to be processed in high quality on the TechnoCorder TC2.

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Maximum productivity and top quality

The delivery speed of 400 m/min is world class in twisting industrial yarns. The TechnoCorder TC2 guarantees excellent yarn quality and allows for twist packages with high density and perfect appearance thanks to the process monitoring, optimum yarn path geometry as well as gentle and low-tension thread guidance.

To increase productivity even further, the High Speed Package (HSP) was developed, which increases the unwinding speed to 150 m/min (cross-wound package) and 180 m/min (flanged bobbin) when using a campanello. Energy-optimized drives and the slim yarn balloon enhance the machine's energy balance.

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The innovative spindle concept and ergonomic arrangement of the main elements ensure the particularly high operating convenience. With the new developments, Allma offers an innovative and economical production machine for bespoke customer solutions that are tailored to the highly dynamic market of technical textiles.


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