Scientist Fraternity And CAI Declare All-Out War Against Pink Boll Worm Pest

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Cotton Association of India (CAI) President Atul Ganatra under the aegis of a presentation from cotton scientist CD Mayee declared an all-out war against the pink boll worm (PBW) pest that has attacked cotton crops in Maharashtra and Telangana.

“It has become critical to create awareness and impart knowledge about how to arrest the menace of pink boll worm. It is extremely important for the farmers and all others connected with cotton to know how to break the life cycle of pink boll worms. This becomes critical as in some parts of the country, the government agencies themselves are advising to uproot the cotton plants to break the life cycle of pink boll worms,” he said addressing the CAI meet.

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Later, Dr. Mayee announced that there was a meeting chaired between him and the Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on the pink boll worm crisis. “We decided to launch an awareness campaign throughout the affected areas and educate the farmers on how to combat this menace. The awareness campaign would include posters and booklets that will be published in Hindi and Marathi and other local languages,” Mayee said.

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Currently, the book is out in English and it was inaugurated at the Presentation venue in the CAI premises. 

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