SDC’s Seminar During ITMACH 2019 To Focus On Greening The Textile Industry


“Colour is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” Paul Klee

The SDC International, ISFT College and KDCL have collaborated to create their mission to showcase the following:

  • To put forward challenges for textile professionals in colour communication, colouration and compliance
  • To encourage collaborations between fashion and textile colouration
  • To provide a platform for innovators, users and compliance organisations to engage in and collaborate for a ‘greener’ colouration industry.

To fulfill this mission, the trio will organise four enlightening seminars and a grand fashion show during ITMACH 2019.

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SDC expects the machine manufacturers to take a lead in providing solutions to more sustainable manufacturing of textiles. Machines are the tools that can shape the colouration process in a way that it delivers the best outcome, believes SDC and its partners.

Event schedule

5th Dec 2019: Theme:  Colour Communication
Registration opens at 2.00 pm, Event concludes at 6.00 pm.
6th Dec 2019: Theme: Investigating technologies for innocuous textile manufacturing by Dyers and Colourists
Registration opens at 10.00 am, Event concludes at 5.30 pm
7th Dec 2019: Theme: Colouring without ‘Guilt’
Registration opens at 10.00 am, Event concludes 5:30 pm
Fashion show: World Costume
Starts 6:30 pm jointly hosted by ISFT College, ITMACH & SDCIIPL. Fashion show ends 8:30 pm 

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8th Dec 2019: Theme:  How did I get here?
Registration opens at 10.00 am, Event concludes 1:30 pm

For further details –

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