SICAM srl: Italian Excellence In Nonwovens And Textiles


SICAM has been manufacturing plant and machinery for textiles and nonwovens for over half a century.

Covid-19 has made hygiene and safety wear an important segment the world over. SICAM srl offers consolidated technologies in bonding of fibres from airlay or carding, in spunlace, spun bond, staple fibre, chemical bonding, spray bonding, thermo fixing processes. The company also offers tailor-made projects and complete turnkey solutions to its customers.

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SICAM srl is now increasing its production of complete lines for spun bond and melt blown, in order to fabricate respirators, a medical disposal required by international laws.

Staying connected to the medical and hygiene field, SICAM is also providing to the market complete lines for the spunlace nonwovens like cotton pads, wipes and light webs laminated products. After the forming section of the web, the water jet machine bonds the fibres on the hydroentanglement principle and a proper oven evaporates the water making the web ready for winding. The web forming is obtained by traditional carding machine or airlay technology according to the final products.

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The mission of the company is to provide the best solutions to the diverse needs of its customers. In India, the company has appointed Soham Enterprises to market its entire product range.

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