SPGPrints Launches Ortascreen At ITMA 2019


In rotary screen textile printing, the type of screen used is of vital importance for the quality of output. SPGPrints® works constantly to improve screen technology. The company launches its most innovative screen technologies yet — the new Ortascreen™ (patent applied) — at its stand at ITMA Barcelona 2019.

Set new benchmarks for quality with Ortascreen™ technology
The new Ortascreen™ delivers crisp, sharp prints with unique details and fine lines, alongwith unique problem-solving capabilities reducing moire effect and delivering evenness, definition and high-quality halftones.

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The Ortascreen™ truly reinvents screen technology at its core as instead of a hexagonal hole it uses an orthogonal hole. As the flow of print paste is the most important parameter for print quality, the new Ortascreen™ helps increase quality levels significantly. With the new Ortascreen™ technology you’ll be able to cost-effectively reach the highest quality levels possible in surface printing.

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At SPGPrints’ exclusive Screens Experience Center, visitors can experience the new Ortascreen™ technology.


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