Marzoli Brings MDS1 Ring Spinning And Mac3000 Compact System Along With MRM Software Platform To ITM 2016

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Marzoli, at ITM 2016, will exhibit in Hall 5 – stand 504A and will present its latest innovations for spinning technology. Among the exhibits, the company will showcase the MDS1 ring spinning frame with Marzoli original components, the Mac3000 compact system and the MRM software platform.

The MDS1 ring spinning frame will be equipped with Marzoli original components like the PA 3000 pressure arm, Marzoli rings and the R²F sensors. These components contribute to the achievement of leading output quality, excellent production efficiency and superior ergonomics.

Marzoli PA3000 pressure arm, thanks to its bridge bar and the particular shape of the cradle, allows a perfect control of the fibers during main draft. The result is a significant improvement of yarn CV% and a substantial reduction of IPI values.

Marzoli rings have been designed and have been treated with particular coating and finishing operations to ensure high hardness and low friction features. This guarantees low heat, no wear of the ring and a longer running life of the traveler. The R²F are sensors installed on the ring rail that continuously monitor the speed of the ring travelers. They signal to the operator through flashing lights where idle travelers are and alert him if there are any slipping spindles.

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The integration of R²F sensors with YarNet, the innovative Marzoli software platform for production management, allows conducting useful statistical analysis on the number of yarn breaks and slipping spindles according to machine settings and external conditions, thereby giving the information for efficiency and productivity optimization.

At ITM 2016 Marzoli will also exhibit its new Mac3000. This innovative compact system includes all the most advanced technology for compact spinning. The results obtained witness outstanding quality levels on all types of yarns (carded and combed) and with all types of fibers (cotton, synthetic and technical).

The new Mac3000 guarantees constant compacting action and lower maintenance costs. The continuous tension, relaxation and flexion of the apron entail a continuous auto-cleaning effect of the holes, which, together with the dedicated modular suction system, assures constant and effective compaction. The disposition of the holes of the apron on one axis entails higher resistance of the apron to tension forces and consequently a longer service life of the component.

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Within the Control room at Marzoli's stand it will be possible to learn more about Marzoli Remote Maintenance. This innovative platform analyzes the symptomatic data gathered in critical parts of the machines to constantly monitor their efficiency.

The data regarding temperatures, power consumption, pressures and vibrations are sent to an IoT platform, provided by Microsoft®, where they are analyzed through special algorithms developed by Marzoli. These algorithms verify that the monitored parameters are inside the machine nominal operating ranges according to the machine working conditions: if they are not, the client is immediately alerted. The client can also count on the prompt support of Marzoli's customer service which can access, if necessary, the customer's machine in order to diagnose the problem and communicate the necessary steps to solve it.

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Thanks to the MRM maintenance is no longer based on the experience of few technicians and on standard manuals, but on a great amount of reliable and case-specific information. This guarantees the following advantages: prevention of machine failures, longer running life of the machine components and more effective maintenance of the mill.


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