Rieter: The New Q-Package Delivers Best Yarn Quality

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The production of best quality yarn at lowest manufacturing costs is a consistent challenge of every spinner. Thus, to support the customers, Rieter has developed a solution ‘Q-Package’ that allows all ring and compact yarn spinners to either improve the yarn quality or simplify the choice of fibres. The yarn quality can thereby be improved in certain parameters by up to 30%.

Rieter’s ring and compact spinning machines with their unique spinning geometry are known as standards for productivity at lowest yarn manufacturing costs. The latest models G36 and K46 are now available with up to 1824 spindles and are always equipped with the suction system ECOrized for lowest energy consumption. The latest components in the drafting system called Q-Package were presented for the first time at the ITMA 2015 in Milan for both machines (Fig. 1).

Consistent quality has always set standards

The Ri-Q-Draft drafting system, tried and tested a million times, with the low-wear suction drum including the air guide element “Detect” for the compact spinning machine and the “Best-in-Class” components from Bracker and Novibra, allow highest productivity without compromising the quality. Here, the long-term consistency of Rieter machines is worth special mention. Ri-Q-Draft has always been a key to achieving the best running properties.

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Superior yarn characteristics

The Q-Package is the combination of a newly developed nose bar with the ACP cradle (Fig. 2) instead of the familiar Ri-Q-Bridge and the standard cradle. This allows adjusted fibre guidance and can in many cases be optimised by insertion of a drop-shaped pin. This version is integrated in the latest machine configuration and alongside the standard system, which is still available, can be selected at the customer’s request. Here, the unique spinning geometry and all other proven components remain unchanged.

Both machines, G36 and K46, that were equipped with the Q-Package (Fig.3), showed a reduction of imperfections as well as Classimat faults of up to 30 % without influencing the yarn tenacity or the hairiness in the process (Fig.4). Additionally, clear advantages with the K 46 in downstream processing through fewer warp thread breaks could be evidenced.

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More advantages at high short fibre ratio

The advantages with the yarn characteristics are clearly far more distinctive with a raw material that has a high short fibre ratio, as due to the pin the short fibres are significantly better guided than it was previously. Thus, the choice of fibre is simplified. A raw material with marginally higher short fibre content can achieve comparable yarn quality values. Also, yarns of Ne 30 and finer showed a reduction of at least 10% with the imperfections and Classimat faults. In the best case, quality improvements of 20 – 30% are possible. The Q-Package offers wide possibilities to select the machine settings according to the requirements of the yarn buyer.

The best solutions on one machine

Alongside the economical production of best quality yarns, the G36 and K46 machines also impress with their simple operation. The most of the settings can be adjusted and controlled directly from the machine panel.

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The following functions make the machines unique in their application:

1. Draft change in a matter of seconds with FLEXIdraft

2. Cop change without underwinding with SERVOgrip

3. Reliable doffing with ROBOdoff

4. Partial spinning startup of the machine with FLEXIstart

5. Electrically-driven cop transport SERVOdisc.

The production of specialities yarns such as twin yarns and fancy or core yarn is also easily possible on both of these machines. The advantages are achieved by the extraordinary technical competence drawn from over two hundred years, which propels Rieter to become the innovation leader. And that is an obligation for new and further developments, where the value addition to the customers is always at the forefront.


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