Saurer Introduces Embroidery Machines In Bangladesh

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At the recently concluded DTG 2017 expo in Bangladesh, Saurer Embroidery, with more than 150 years of experience in Embroidery machinery globally, conducted a seminar at the expo venue through their agent ASSL Textile in Bangladesh. Saurer was founded in 1853 and produced the first Saurer hand embroidery machine in 1869.

The event was attended by some of the top companies from Bangladesh textiles and a host of dignitaries from Saurer and also other countries. ASSL Textile CEO Mr. Mueenul Huq assured and promised the attendees 24 X 7 service.

The seminar took place on 25th February 2017. Rajesh Kapoor, Head of Sales and After Sales, Saurer Embroidery India spoke on the occasion and said, "Saurer is planning to replicate the embroidery machinery present in India throughout the diaspora of Bangladesh textiles. This will ensure that Bangladesh textile houses take the lead in embroidery and it will enhance the export potential of their garments."

Thomas Benzer, the Global Head of Sales, Vice President, Saurer Embroidery exuded confidence and optimism on Bangladesh's garment exporters endeavors in embroidery. "Our machines will not only enable the volume of production to increase, but will also ensure quality supply of finished goods that can turn out to be globally competitive," he said.

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The embroidery component kits presented by Saurer in Bangladesh include the stand-based thread feed roller, carriage with adjustment, shuttle housing, shuttle cover, Machine software EmAlpha Version 7, Software EmStudio Version 4, Thread guide, yarn separator and thread monitor.

Elaborating on the EmStudio feature, Benzer said, "EmStudio integrates all steps from the sketch to the embroidery machine on a single platform. In doing so, EmStudio adapts itself to suit your working method. EmStudio can be run on any standard modern PC, laptop or workstation, with the latest Windows Operating System."

"Based on current market demands and the experience gained from more than 150 years of producing embroidery machines, Saurer Embroidery has developed a new generation of shuttle embroidery machines named the Epoca 7. The Epoca 7 opens up previously unattained dimensions in shuttle embroidery and in doing so sets groundbreaking standards in every respect," he added.

He also dwelt on the enhanced model Epoca 7, stating, "The Epoca 7 impresses with its increase in productivity of up to 20% and its embroidery speed of up to 700 RPM. The setting options are unique and encompass new technologies on the needle side such as the manual Pentamat control and the thread delivery. Thus, embroidery technology has been reinvented and fulfills future market demands. The new thread monitors and the new thread-cut guarantee trouble-free production of high quality embroidery."

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Dwelling on the cost devices he said, "Our PitStop has eliminated the need for manual bobbin changes and yarn tension regulations.The fully automated shuttle preparation of the PitStop does it for you, thus allowing the machine operator to concentrate on the running of the embroidery machine. These optimisations considerably reduce embroidery costs.

Touching on sequins, Benzer  said, “Saurer now has a new and exclusively advanced Sequence attachment specially developed for India and Bangladesh markets. Herein, we can run 3 mm or 5 mm sequence at unimaginable speeds of 500 rpm, which is highest ever on any machine. Saurer also shared some fabric samples with such fine and typical and continuous sequence designs made by this new attachment.”

Further, he added, " Saurer also has a well proved Head line system wherein, the application heads impress through precision even at top production speed. Each application head can be exchanged and positioned individually.

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This simple and quick procedure permits unlimited design variations. The application heads are individually driven. This ensures that sequins, cords and ribbons can be processed together in any combination. The ergonomically positioned lift offers optimal view onto the area to be embroidered."

In all, Benzer and Kapoor together, assured the participants that they foresee Bangladesh as a very important and developing market for Schiffli Embroidery. Together with ASSL, they will focus and develop this market providing complete technical solution and full support to their customers.      


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