Stahl Joins CLIB Biotechnology Network To Reinforce Open Innovation, Responsible Chemistry Commitments


Stahl, an active proponent of responsible chemistry, has joined CLIB, an international open innovation cluster of stakeholders in the biotechnology space. CLIB is committed to providing networking opportunities for its members across different industries and sectors with a view to using biotechnology to foster sustainability. Stahl’s membership of the network underlines the company’s commitment to open innovation and to working with partners across value chains to reduce its Scope 3 emissions. 

CLIB members include large companies, SMEs, start-ups, academic institutes, universities, and other stakeholders engaged in biotechnology and the circular- and bioeconomy as a whole. As part of this cluster, Stahl seeks to connect with likeminded contacts and partners to explore opportunities for increasing the use of bio-based and bio-derived solutions in its chemistries, products, and applications. In turn, Stahl hopes to add value to other members of the network by providing a route to market for biotechnology solutions through the company’s extensive range of industrial products and applications.

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Stahl’s first face-to-face interaction with its fellow CLIB members will take place at the CLIB Networking Day in October 2022.

Tim Kidd, Senior Open Innovation Account Manager at Stahl said, “Joining CLIB is a great opportunity for Stahl to innovate alongside external partners in the biotechnology space, who share our commitment to sustainability and the circular economy. Our membership reinforces our focus on open innovation, a key strategic pillar at Stahl, and on building mutually beneficial partnerships with the value chain. Working with adjacent technologies in this way provides a strong platform to explore and develop responsible solutions that will expand our innovation toolbox and allow us to meet our Scope 3 commitments and wider environmental ambitions.”

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