‘Stäubli’s Broad Range Of Weaving Solutions Received Very Positive Feedback At ITMA 2019’

Fritz Legler, Vice President Marketing, Sales & Service, Stäubli

How was response at ITMA 2019? What was the visitor trend like?
We are really satisfied with number of visitors at our booth, as well as their quality. The main part was out of the decisive management level, thus from worldwide main fabric producing countries. If we compare to ITMA Barcelona 2011, we could welcome many more visitors.

Did you seal any deals at the show? For which machines and with which companies?
Stäubli could close up ITMA successfully. Concrete business opportunities could be secured worldwide, such as the on-site sale to Pakistani textile weaver Blessed Textiles Ltd. of a SAFIR S80 drawing in machine featuring  Active Warp Control, and an OPAL leasing machine for the production of high-end bed sheets. These sales underline how weavers count on quality weaving preparation supported by our portfolio for any kind of application. Besides automation solutions for drawing-in and leasing, Stäubli could sell the newly launched TIEPRO tying machine designed for universal use with standard warp yarns, with or without a 1:1 lease.

Tell us about the new machines and technologies you showcased during ITMA.
Besides the above mentioned new weaving preparation solutions, we showed a large extract of our frame weaving solutions. The 2019 highlight was the new S1792 cam motion, featuring up to ten levers, for air jet applications. This high speed shedding solution achieved very satisfactory feedback from the market during the trade fair. In addition, a broad overview on the extensive range of shedding solutions, such as the S3000/S3200 rotary dobbies, or our maintenance free, reinforced transmission could be seen at our booth, and as well all over the weaving hall at partners’ booth.

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Three complete Jacquard installations attracted with interesting applications, such as one piece woven trousers, high end terry towel with interesting patterns as well as high density upholstery fabric. The weaving machines featured the LX/LXL/LXXL Jacquard machines with the new NOEMI data transmission concept, as well as Stäubli harnesses. These Jacquard systems are globally renowned for precise operating at highest speeds, thus with utmost reliability.

How is the SAFIR drawing-in machine more useful than the earlier versions?
SAFIR machines are equipped already in their standard version with one feature of our standalone technology Active Warp Control (AWC): double end detection.

The 100% controlled identification and handling of warp yarns in order to achieve the highest quality and reliability in warp processing – namely during automatic drawing-in – is the purpose of “Active Warp Control” (AWC). AWC was developed in connection with Stäubli’s product line of SAFIR automatic drawing-in machines and is constantly being expanded. The system is used on all SAFIR machine models in different configurations and depending on the requirements profile.

Carpet weaving generated a lot of interest at the show. Tell us about the benefits of using Stäubli’s carpet weaving technology.
The ALPHA series carpet weaving systems offer important flexibility for future applications, and are equipped with many quality drivers, such as the unique smart cutting device which assures perfectly even carpet surfaces, and for sure the renowned Stäubli shedding technology. If it was dobbies for the ground weave or Jacquard machinery for the pile and structure, the equipment runs reliably and is long lasting. In addition we offer sophisticated binding technology for unique design effects such as the Multi Weft Effect Duo where you can see two colours on one pick line and create realistic used-look vintage carpets. Weavers that want to enter new business fields can serve transportation or contract carpets, but as well artificial grass. The range of possibilities is wide and offers good chances to weavers to stay at the forefront of the carpet market.

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Where are weaving technology developments heading?
Towards flexibility, reliability at highest production speeds, the whole resulting in high performance. Stäubli’s broad range of weaving solutions received a very positive feedback from the visitors and customers. Our Jacquard solutions, such as the N4L name selvedge Jacquard machine or the NOEMI data transmission concept (featured by the LX/LXL/LXXL Jacquard machine series) are completely in line with the before mentioned requirements. They fulfill the demand of easy style changes thus they allow adapting to fast evolving market demands, whilst supporting quality weaves, with unique patterns.

Do you feel that there is a slowdown in Indian textile industry? Are you impacted by the US-China trade tensions?
Stäubli cannot deny the global slowdown. This trend can be seen all across the major fabric producing regions, including the big three, i.e. China, India, Turkey. Textile business in general has always been cyclic over the last decades and the industry will have to be patient before the business becomes more dynamic again. ITMA Barcelona emitted positive vibes and industrials underlined the willingness to step further with innovative future oriented machinery and installations.

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Anything else that you would like to highlight.
ITMA served again as an important platform to discuss expectations and exchange experience, this is what we were looking for as well to obtain during this show. The result were these intense talks with customers and partners who underlined that besides innovation, our onsite local support, services and spare parts availability even years after purchase, are highly appreciated. Stäubli got again the confirmation, that we are, with our product lines and our intense services (from product consulting to aftersales), on the right track  to satisfy our customers with a global innovative offer including state-of-the-art  technology that renders even more benefits to textile mills.


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