Suessen All Set To Display Latest Technology At ITMA Asia

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Suessen will have on display the latest technologies at ITMA Asia to be held in Shanghai between October 15 and 19 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, a release issued recently stated. The release informed that visitors will be able to avail of the showcasing at Hall 1, booth D01.

“As the leader in compact ring and open-end rotor spinning technology, the companywill demonstrate the competence in handling and processing natural and man-made-fibres, focussing on efficiency and profitability in the spinning processes,” the release added.

The new EliTe: The world’s leading, most utilized and versatile compact spinning systemwith new innovative components further boosting productivity and yarn quality.For existing installations, Suessen offers upgrade packages to enable the customers to participate in the benefits of the latest developments and innovations. The new EliTewill be displayed on a Rieter ring spinning machine.

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The release listed a few of the applications that will be on display as follows:

The EliTwist Spinning System combines compact spinning and twisting of a plied yarn in one single production step, representing the most economical way to produce two-ply yarns.

The HP-GX Top Weighting Armsfor short staple, roving and worsted spinning machines are equipped with finely tuned heavy-duty plate springs for frictionless load transmission. The HP-GX 3010 in combination with ACP Quality Package (Active Cradle with PINSpacer NT) reduces IPIs in cotton spinning up to 60% and Uster CV% up to 15%. It is the most suitable arm to replace the existing systems on ring spinning machines, while the given top roller equipment may be reused.

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The release also specified the premium parts that will be on display. It included  Spinning components, spare parts and modernization packages for rotor spinning machines such as ProFiL®Rotors, ProFiL®Navels, SOLIDRINGs, PS7 TwinDiscs that  are most precisely manufactured to guarantee homogeneous yarn quality throughout the complete machine in order to ensure flawless textile fabrics.

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