Survey: Consumers Focus On Value For Price, Not Brand Discounts

Retailers should prioritise offering everyday value over brand-focused discounts, according to a new survey.

Results from a survey of more than 500 US consumers from retail marketing technology provider Bluecore indicates that a leading 57% of respondents say price has the greatest impact on their purchase decisions. Following price in a distant second place is recommendation (20%), trailed by necessity (16%) and brand (7%).

However, while discount/promotion is the leading factor influencing purchase decisions for a specific brand, it was selected by a much smaller 36% of respondents. Relevant product communication (30%), timing of product communication (24%), and engaging content or subject line (10%) followed.

This focus on value over deals is also revealed by response to a question on the primary cause for excitement during a shopper’s last exciting purchase. Price (30%) beat deal (25%) and product (24%). Less popular responses included certainty (10%), experience (8%), speed of arrival (2%), and status (1%).

Survey results also show price changes have the biggest impact on a consumer deciding to end an existing brand relationship (37%). Other factors that will cause respondents to sever a relationship with a brand include scandal/bad publicity (29%), involvement (or lack thereof) in social/political issues (25%), and too many irrelevant communications (5%).


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