Syngenta To Facilitate Sustainable Growth Of Cotton And Textile Industries In China


Syngenta Group China, one of the four major business units of Syngenta Group – the global seeds, crop protection and nutrition product manufacturer, pledged to work with more global and domestic partners to facilitate the sustainable growth of China’s cotton and textile industries in the coming years, said its executives.

The company and its partners such as Solidaridad, have joined forces to launch a new project to solve the practical issues faced in industrial development, improve the production efficiency of cotton and other crops, improve the income of farmers, protect the ecological environment, and promote rural revitalisation.

Jiang Yekui, Chief Sustainable Officer of Syngenta Group China, said the project will take the Hexi Corridor area of Gansu province as the core demonstration area, relying on Syngenta Group China’s advanced water and fertiliser integration technology, comprehensive crop protection and crop nutrition solutions in China, effectively explore and summarise the implementation technology and experience model of cotton and rotation crops, and actively promote the concept of sustainable agricultural development and advanced production technology and business model.

This project will benefit the people in China and the world by adopting dryland water-saving technology, innovating business models, developing agricultural service industries, said Jin Wencheng, director-general of the Research Center for Rural Economy under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.


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