TAI To Hold Global Meet on Textile 4.0


The Mumbai Unit of The Textile Association (India) is organizing an International Conference on ‘Textile 4.0’ on 7th February 2019, at Hotel The Lalit, Mumbai. The theme of the Conference is “Roadmap for Application of Industry 4.0 in Indian Textile Manufacturing.

The second edition of Textile 4.0 is the level next, taking it forward from the first ever and highly successful conference on this subject held in March 2018 which introduced this new concept. This edition of Textile 4.0 would be a micro view and shall focus on implementation and application of the Industry 4.0 in Indian textile manufacturing. Textile industry being a long and complex manufacturing process, starting from the fibre as a raw material and taking it through Spinning, Weaving or Knitting and Finishing as final finished products which can be Apparel Fabrics or Home Textiles or Technical Textiles. This needs a deep and prudent understanding to evaluate techo-commercial implications to make a winning case of using this new technological wave to be Future Ready!

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Textile 4.0 is the future of textile manufacturing and upcoming factories shall have all technologies and processes based on such automation and advanced digital tools. When the competing countries are already implementing this new concept, India also should gear up for the same.

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This conference will attract mill owners, top textile professionals, experts and textile technologists from India and across the globe. This high profile conference will be attended by 500 quality participants where they will get the rare opportunity to listen to such high quality experts.

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