Taiwan to host the first Wearable Technologies Conference in October


The Wearable Technologies Conference will be held for the first time in Asia in Taipei (Taiwan), from October 9-11, 2013.

Asia, today is a logical answer to being the host for this conference, since some of the biggest technology manufacturers are from Asia, especially in Taiwan and China, and the growing developer scene and the consumer base only adds to its position. Confirmed speakers include high-level delegates from Texas Instruments, Quanta, Eurocloud, Ericsson, Telit Communications, AiQ Smart Clothing, imec Taiwan, VARTA Microbattery, T-Ware, HzO, and mc10.

 The sessions at the conference will revolve around:

1.     Smarter Living on a Smarter Planet

2.     Connected Devices (m2m) – Stable enablers for major wearable technology applications

3.     Smart Technologies for Smart Devices – Latest technology developments for connected devices

4.     Wearable Technology Stars – Best practice: Examples for Wearable Devices


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