Tata Chemicals Wins FICCI’s ‘Product Innovator of the Year Award’


Tata Chemicals was conferred with the “Product Innovator of the Year Award” at the recently held 9th edition of FICCI Chemicals and Petrochemicals Awards 2021 in New Delhi. With science and innovation at the core of its business strategy, the company was recognised by FICCI for its innovation and technological advancement in Nano Zinc Oxide (nZnO). 

Various grades of Tata Chemicals nZnO have unique properties and industrial applications in segments like textiles because of its anti-viral properties which has been a significant development during the Covid phase. nZnO has also transformed development of many products hailing from cosmetics, paints, to consumer and plastics industry thereby giving birth to sustainable and transformative customer products.

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Tata Chemicals Innovation Centre has been home to world class R&D capabilities in the emerging areas of food sciences, nanotechnology and biotechnology. The patented technology for nZno can alter the particle size in order to cater to any customised requirements while ensuring it is free from heavy metal compounds. To further drive value for customers, it manufactures both industrial and cosmetic grade Nano zinc oxide in micro-fine powder anddispersion form.

Dr. Richard Lobo

Dr.Richard Lobo, Head-Innovation and CQH (Business Excellence), Tata Chemicals said, “We are honoured to receive this prestigious award from FICCI for ‘Excellence in product innovation’. This recognition reaffirms our position as a leading global manufacturing company focussed on developing sustainable solutions backed by science and strong R&D to benefit the society, its’ customers and improve the quality of products. Our innovation centres will continue to conduct research in the cutting-edge fields of Material sciences, Nutrition, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Agri-technology, to drive value for all stakeholders”.

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The Innovation Centre is Tata Chemicals science and technology hub for seeding new businesses. It provides cutting-edge technological solutions and a customer-centric scientific problem-solving approach for sustainable differentiation. Over the years the centre has evolved into an autonomous and self-reliant basic and applied sciences unit serving the needs of Tata Chemicals and the Tata group.

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FICCI Chemicals and Petrochemicals Awards 2021 also recognised individuals and companies for their contribution towards the development of society across 16 broad categories. A total of 38 awards were presented to companies and individuals this year.


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