India: Govt to mandate use of standardized FR textiles by Feb 2014


In a bid to promote the use of technical textiles, the Ministry of Textiles has prepared a draft notification for mandating use of four fire retardant textiles standards under BIS Act, 1986.

These standards include:

1. IS 15741:2007:  Textiles – Resistance to ignition of curtains and drapes – Specification

2. IS 15742:2007 – Textiles – Requirements for clothing made of limited flame spread materials and material assemblies affording protection against heat and flame – Specification

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3. IS 15748:2007 –  Textiles – Protective clothing for industrial workers exposed to heat (excluding firefighters’ and welders’ clothing)

4. IS 15768:2007 –  Textiles – Resistance to ignition of upholstered composites used for non-domestic furniture – Specification

The ministry has invited the industry’s views on the same, by October 11, 2013. The ministry has circulated the notification to various other government departments and ministries too. According to Shashi Singh, Executive Director, Indian Technical Textiles Association (ITTA), “The use of FR fabrics in public places is mandatory. However, non-standard materials are being widely used at present. The regulation has not been implemented effectively. This order will mandate that manufacturers, distributors and users, ensure that the material used conforms to the BIS standards. This is a very good move, and will certainly help the industry.” The Fire Retardant Textile Materials (Quality Control) Order, 2013, is expected to come into force from February 2014.

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