Mondi bags F&S Innovation Leadership Award


Based on its recent research on the natural fiber composites market, Frost & Sullivan (F&S) presented Mondi with the 2013 Global Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Leadership Award for FIBROMER®, its natural fiber composite that offers superior mechanical performance with significant weight reduction. This makes it an ideal replacement for polymers and polymer compounds in a number of industries, including the automotive sector.

Mondi is an international packaging and paper group, with production operations across 30 countries and revenues of €5.8 billion in 2012. It has leveraged years of expertise in the paper and pulp industry to develop this innovative and revolutionary product.

Manufactured through a proprietary compounding technology that homogenously mixes pulp with polymer granules, FIBROMER® exhibits superior performance attributes when compared to short-glass fiber, other natural fibers, and talc-filled composites.  The lower density of the material combined with the incorporation of cellulosic fibers in optimal proportion makes the finished components much lighter than before. Since FIBROMER® is highly compatible with injection moulding processes; it also helps reduce fabrication time by up to 30 percent.

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"This is very relevant today as OEMs and Tier-I suppliers are increasingly relying on high volume processing," said F&S Industry Analyst Deepak Karthikeyan. "FIBROMER® also enables higher productivity, higher tensile strength, increased stiffness, higher heat distortion temperature, and lower density of the final composite part."

Benefits to Injection Moulder:

1. Faster injection moulding cycles: up to 30% time reduction

2. Lower process temperature

3. Renewable raw material from sustainable sources (cellulose fibers)

4. Constant quality of the fibers

5. Year-round availability of raw material

Benefits to Original Equipment Manufacturers

1. Lower density compared to other filled compounds

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2. Low odor compared to other lignocellulosic fibers

3. Higher material strength: up to 100% tensile strength

4. Low carbon footprint

5. Easy colouring


Given these features, FIBROMER® is expected to rapidly penetrate its targeted markets. The automotive market, in particular, is demanding sustainable solutions. In the wake of European carbon emission legislations, which mandate all carmakers to achieve a target of 95g per km by 2020, as well as end-of-life vehicle legislation, FIBROMER® will help address a significant part of the challenge by making cars more recyclable and sustainable. Further, easy processability and parts integration will enable considerable cost reduction, translating into increased return-on-investment (ROI) for customers. In all, FIBROMER® has clear advantages for injection moulders and original equipment manufacturers, compared with other composites used in manufacturing, such as those containing short glass fiber, talcum and other natural fibers.

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Overall, Mondi's innovative natural fiber composite offers outstanding advantages when compared to competing products and is the worthy recipient of the 2013 Global New Product Innovation Leadership Award. Each year, F&S presents this award to the company that has developed an innovative element in a product by leverage leading-edge technologies. The award recognizes the value added features/benefits of the product and the increased ROI it offers customers, which in turn increases customer acquisition and overall market penetration potential.


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