Santex Rimar Group Presents A New Separate Products Division Focused Only On Nonwovens Solutions

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Santex Rimar Group, a leading manufacturer of innovative products in textile finishing, nonwovens and technical textiles, has further enhanced its offerings with a new product division focused on nonwoven solutions.

The company’s long experience in the nonwovens sector is leveraged to fulfil the increasing demands for efficiency and productivity. The group’s oven technology in thermo-bonding process is further improved which plays an important role in processing of textile materials for flexible applications like home textiles, hygienic, medical or industrial products.

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The new Santatherm thermo bonding oven uses well established forced-through-air-mode process principles, which is well proven in Santashrink dryers. During the bonding process, the air reaches a velocity of up to 40 m/s at the nozzle exit and the heat is transferred to the product surface in an even and effective manner. This also allows processing of all kind of fibres independent of the web forming mechanism used. The airflow can be adjusted perfectly depending on the product being processed with a specially designed flap and nozzle system. A control system allows the selection of the airflow parameters (for example direction and kind of airflow) to control the process. The most significant feature of the new Santatherm is the uniform quality of the final product on both surfaces.

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The Santatherm thermo bonding oven’s efficient heat transfer and temperature stability result in higher productivity and modular design makes the machine compact enabling a faster installation and easier maintenance. Additionally, it can be combined with the Santabond smoothing and calibrating calendar.

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Now, together with the Cavitec coating and laminating systems, Santex offers a wide range of solutions for nonwovens applications.


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