Textile Commissioner Kavita Gupta Inaugurates HGH India 2017 Trade Show In Mumbai

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The 6th edition of HGH India, the annual trade show for home textiles, home décor, gifts and houseware in India where more than 500 brands, manufacturers and importers presented their range and innovations this year was inaugurated recently in Mumbai by Textile Commissioner Kavita Gupta and Consul General of Turkey Erdal Sabri Ergen.

On the occasion, Commissioner Kavita Gupta said, “HGH India has created a unique trade show for home textiles, home décor, gifts and houseware which provides a platform to traders across these segments to explore new business opportunities in the Indian market. The event showcases upcoming trends in the industry which will add invaluable insights to predict the market needs.”

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From the textile industry point of view, the HGH India event enables regional players to get an exposure to national as well as international markets, she said, adding that it has come a long way to become an industry hot spot for retailers, brands, manufacturers as well as importers not only from a business point of view but also aiding in category expansion.

Another key highlight of HGH India is the complied handbook of home fashion trends presented under the theme ‘Across Time’. This compilation, which is a well researched forecast for the Indian domestic market for the year ahead, was unveiled by Kavita Gupta at the event.

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The event included a ‘Trends Pavilion’ section to enable visitors discover future trends in colours, designs and materials. There will be a special audio- walk through for the visitors to enhance their experience at the pavilion.

In a related development, the Home Textile Association of India also launched its first magazine called ‘HTA Indoors’ at the occasion. HGH India aims to give retailers, all over India, new ideas and concepts to facilitate business.

The trade show also provided business opportunities and development of new channel partners to exhibit brands in order to improve the trade. The B2B concept of HGH India has proven to be an inspiring and productive platform for exhibitors across rural and urban India, to push the home product retail market, according to a release.

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