Textile Start-Up CFL Chalks Out An Aggressive Growth Path


A renowned Indian textile start-up company Canva Fibre Labs LLP (CFL) announced that it will go beyond the current capacity of one ton per day and scale up its production capability steeply.

Shikha Shah, a co-founder of CFL said in a press statement, “We intend to take these textiles to mainstream brands and thus are actively solving problems like how the textile feels without compromising on functional advantages, and its processability on the current infrastructure of textile like spinning and weaving.”

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The company says that it has come up with an indigenous proprietary technique that will help process agricultural waste. This, compounded with the fact that the output is compatible with current textile infrastructure ensures that the company offers 100% green processing solutions. There will be no hazardous chemicals used in the fibre.

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Co-founder Shreyans Kokra said at a press briefing, “The firm sees an opportunity in the need for processing technology. It has also gauged the imbalance between price and quality when it comes to hemp textiles.”

The two partners in the start-up echoed their success sentiment stating, “We had our ups and downs in launching our company for two years. Right now we are all set to execute an aggressive growth strategy.”

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