Three Innovations From Statex


STATEX is a well-known company manufacturing textile testing instruments and compact for spinning frame. Statex has introduced three new products namely Carry Mic, Carry Ginning Machine and Moisture Meter with Mobile App. The first bulk volume order was received from Cotton Corporation of India – Mumbai for 290 Carry Ginning Machines. Statex also delivered the same in record time.

Statex Carry Mic 

  1. Statex Carry Mic is designed to measure the cotton fibre fineness in terms of micrograms per inch.
  2. Measurement of the micronaire is an evaluation of the air permeability of the cotton sample.
  3. Instrument is incorporated with:

a) Highly reliable micro controller based instrument is having 4 line LCD display with back light.

b) Electrical air compressor for constant and trouble free operation.

c) Precision air regulator for accuracy and consistency of test results.

d) Reserve air tank provided to ensure consistency in test results.

e) Smart precision electronic balance for accurate cotton sample measurement.

f) Inbuilt printer for instant printout of results.

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4. Auto calibration facility and master plug provides the reliable results.
5. Instrument having computer interface and “Statex user friendly software” for long term data storage and analysis.
6. Measuring Range: 2 to 8 micrograms/inch.
7. Testing Speed: 225 Test / hour.
8. Instrument is specially designed for cotton buyers to select cotton with suitable micronaire at the spot.
9. The weight of the Instrument: 9Kg’s and its size in cm: 47L X 39W X 18H.
10. Power Details: 240V, 50Hz single phase power supply.

Statex Carry Ginning Machine

  • Statex Ginning Machine is specially designed to separate the cotton fibre from cotton seeds. The separated cotton fibre is used for cotton fibre quality testing.
  • Gentle gripping mechanism separates the cotton fibre without any damage to fibre properties like length, mic and trash etc.
  • Motorized drawing rollers gently separate the seeds and fibre without any damages.
  • Adjustable spring tension for drawing rollers for better opening.
  • Provision to rotate by hand in case of power failure.
  • Hardened drawing rollers assure the better grip and long life.
  • Drawing rollers has reversing mechanism to release the stucked cotton seeds.
  • Instrument is less weight, foldable and easy to carry.
  • The weight of the Instrument: 10Kg’s and its size in cm: 38.5L X 44.6W X 9.5H
  • Power Details: AC Synchronous Motor 7Kg torque, 240V, Single Phase, 50Hz, 60rpm, 8kgcm, 100mA.
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Statex Moisture Meter With Mobile App

  • Statex Moisture Meter is used to measure the moisture content of the cotton by electrical resistance principle.
  • The instrument consists of moisture measuring unit and smart phone.
  • Auto calibration facility and master calibration device to check the reliability of the instrument at any point of time.
  • Testing specimen with measuring spot can be captured with camera and the same can be stored and transferred with test result through social media likes what’s app and text messages to any mobile number or email.
  • Test detail entry in “Statex Moisture Meter App” with alpha numeric inputs.
  • Two pairs of, detachable pin electrode’s are made by high electric sensitivity 150mm and 300mm length.
  • Each electrode is provided with “probe guide ring” made by acrylic material.
  • Stainless steel handles for firm grip and long life.
  • Report filtering option like date wise, party wise, variety wise, station wise helps sort the required report easily.
  • Specially designed “Statex Moisture App” is used for testing and viewing the result in cell phones and share the result via mail, what’s app, text message, etc.
  • The weight of the Instrument: 2.5Kg’s, and its size in cm: 42L X 31W X 9.5H
  • Power Details: Single phase, 50Hz for charging mobile.
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