Textile Ministry Mandates Digital Signature ATUFS

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The Union Textile Ministry has mandated that textile units must use digital signatures to submit Unique Identification Number (UID) applications and joint inspection team verification requests. The diktat has come as a part of the revised resolution on Amended Textile Upgradation Scheme.

The revised resolution requires the Lending Agency to fill in the details of the term loan information by using iTUFS.  In addition, the agency has to upload the financial sanction order with the digital signature of the authorized signatory of the lending agency.

It may be recalled that the Ministry of Textiles had floated the Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) as a flagship scheme to create a modern and vibrant textile industry in India. The subsequent ATUFS fell in place and was implemented by the ministry with effect from January 2016. The scheme has a shelf life of seven years.

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The ATUFS scheme provides for a one-time subsidy for machinery that fall under the eligible benchmarked category. The subsidy figure stands at 15% for garmenting and technical textile sectors with a ceiling of INR 30 crore. The corresponding figure for weaving, processing, jute, silk and handloom stands at 10% with a ceiling of INR 20 crore. The government subsequently introduced the iTUFS online portal to usher in transparency in the subsidy claim process for textile entrepreneurs who wanted to avail the Amended TUFS subsidy.

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In addition to the stipulated guidelines mentioned in a government circular, it was specified that the Lending Agency has to verify the application against the loan documents in their possession. Subsequently, they are expected to upload the copy of the final sanction order before singing off the verification with the digital signature of the official authority.

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The circular stated that the textile unit was required to fill the DPR field as per the format enclosed at the time of UID application and forward it to the Lending Agency for obtaining a digital signature.

Appropriate modifications are being carried out in iTUFS software and will be in the implementation stage with effect from August 30, 2018.


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