Textile Ministry Plans To Showcase Indian Apparel In A Big Way Overseas

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The Centre has prioritized the increase in visibility and exports of Indian products like cotton, textiles and apparels besides handicrafts and jute. In all, target markets have been earmarked in 13 countries for purpose of boosting exports.

With an emphasis on textiles and apparels, the list of 13 countries that are being targeted include Italy, France, US, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, UAE and Chile. The ministry of textiles stated that in accordance with the sales and marketing potential afforded by each target country, the product segments have been earmarked.

The government has shortlisted cotton textiles and handicraft items for the European countries among the target segment that constitute Germany, France and Italy. Indian cotton and carpets have China as their main target segment. For Indian apparels, the US has been chosen as the favored target destination.

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Currently India’s share of the global textile trade is 5 percent and it stands in a distant second spot behind China in the apparel exports segment. 

“Indian textile products especially have a huge potential to raise their market share in various target countries. We have to align our products with the target market,” the ministry pointed out, adding, “We have evolved with a marketing strategy that seamlessly blends different marketing initiatives.” In addition, the marketing strategy adopted by the ministry is approach specific depending on whether the market is traditional, emerging or of other type.

Recently, the ministry of textiles had approved an integrated marketing plan for 2017-18 keeping the apparel sector in mind. The plan envisages higher degree of convergence among different agencies, stressing the need to tap new markets. The targeting calls for carrying out focused trade promotion activities. These include exhibitions, roadshows and B2B meetings.

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According to the integrated plan, the creation of a single umbrella brand and space for purpose of showcasing the high points of India’s textile goods is mandated. Separate Indian pavilions should be set up in the different trade fairs globally for effectuating the plan. Road shows and post business hour B2B meetings will also be arranged in a planned manner for complementing the focus on marketing the target section of products.

Besides, the integrated plan also envisages the task of designating an official to coordinate the different delegations that participate in overseas exhibitions. The designated official will also liaison with the export promotion councils and supervise the pavilion design. The role of the designator will also include conducting bilateral talks with government officials.

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In the previous trading year, the figures for India’s aggregate textiles and apparels export stand at USD 39.7 billion. The textiles trade for India has grown at a marginal pace of 2.6 percent since 2012-13.


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