“Turkey Is One Of The Most Important Markets For Our Industry”


According to Managing Director of VDMA Textile Machinery Association Thomas Waldmann, Turkey is one of the most important markets for the German textile machinery industry. At ITM 2022, many members will exhibit directly or through their representation.

Tell us how 2021 was for German textile machinery manufacturers?
The situation in 2021 and January to February 2022 has been very good with exports increasing in 2021 on average by 27% despite travel restrictions and material shortages.

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How is the German industry focussing on sustainability particularly relating to chemical, water, environment and energy?
Textile machinery manufacturers affiliated to VDMA offer solutions along the textile value chain to achieve highest quality standards while minimising resource consumption. As described in our VDMA Energy Efficiency Guide “Conserving resources – securing savings-potential” the optimisation of machines, components and technology offers a key for energy- and resource-efficient manufacturing processes. Textile machinery companies are continuously active in this regard, always aiming at offering even more efficient machinery with great saving potentials. Key points include integration of energy and maintenance management, new technical solutions to reduce resource consumption per kg of the final product, reuse of water, caustic soda and heat recovery or minimal application techniques. Many more examples of the latest innovations from the textile machinery manufacturers organised in the VDMA are presented in a new Webtalk series on the subject of “Sustainable technologies for the circular economy”.

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