Unifi’s Sustainable Offerings At 2019 Outdoor Retailer Snow Show


Unifi, Inc., global textile solutions provider and one of the world’s leading innovators in manufacturing sustainable synthetic and recycled performance fibres – has launched three new product offerings at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019.

Focused on consumer demands for recycled products, Unifi has introduced TruFlexx™ sustainable, engineered stretch fibre made with REPREVE®; along with TruClean™ chemical-free anti-static fibre, and REPREVE nylon staple fibre.

“Our customers continue to ask for fibres and technologies that will not only help them meet their sustainability goals, but also provide superior performance,” said Jay Hertwig, group VP of global branded sales for Unifi. “At Unifi, we continue to develop solutions that help our customers make a difference.”

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TruFlexx engineered stretch fibre is a breakthrough, 100% polyester, sustainable stretch fibre that eliminates the need for spandex. When spandex is knit into a fabric, it greatly limits recyclability of the fabric after its useful life. TruFlexx engineered stretch can replace spandex in the 5-10% content range for comfort-stretch knits, creating the possibility of a 100% closed-loop, recyclable polyester fabric. It is engineered for stretch and recovery, providing shape retention with less compression, while also improving moisture management.

Static is a significant issue for apparel and home textiles; Unifi’s next new fibre, TruClean anti-static fibre, is a chemical-free option that permanently inhibits static cling, repelling pet hair, lint and other small particles to keep fabrics looking newer. Applications for TruClean anti-static – another sustainable option available with REPREVE recycled fibre – include apparel, pet bedding, upholstery, curtains and automotive.

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Unifi is also launching REPREVE nylon staple fibre – a new, more eco-friendly option for spun yarns. REPREVE recycled nylon staple fibre can be used to improve the hand feel and strength of fabrics, and add a natural heather effect or a cooling effect. Nylon is lightweight, durable, moisture-wicking and resists pilling and abrasion; desirable characteristics that can easily be blended into a more sustainable yarn using REPREVE Nylon staple fibre.

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“We believe that true innovation starts in the fibre, and our goal is to provide even more options to inspire our customers to innovate at the fibre level to achieve sustainable, high-performing products,” said Richard Gerstein, Unifi’s EVP of global branded premium value-added products, and chief marketing and innovation officer.


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