Uniform – Time To Unleash Its Potential


If there ever was a picture that spoke of the status and the opportunity that uniforms offer India it is this. On one hand we see an ultra-modern technologically advanced Made in India missile showcasing that India is on par with the best in the world, and on the other hand is an image of abysmal usage /non-usage of uniforms /PPE.

This is but just one example.
We must observe around us, and we will see so many opportunities for better uniform usage – to create a corporate image, or to offer protection to workers. Or both.

It is not about money – as companies and individuals can easily afford a good set of uniforms – it is about attitude.

A change in attitude towards uniforms and uniform wearers can become a huge catalyst for India and its image in the world. China has become the world’s largest uniform usage market – reported to be worth US$ 25 billion. The standards that China follows are very strict, uniform usage is wide and as it has three seasons – the per capita usage of uniforms is equally high.

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European and American uniform companies would be upset with themselves for ignoring this opportunity, which Japanese companies took full advantage of; this can be seen in the design and standards that are followed in China for uniforms.

Making our workers smart – would have a ripple effect all around:

  1. Textile mills will benefit;
  2. Employment will grow;
  3. Worker will be more confident, and productivity will improve;
  4. Overall country image will improve – people in uniforms get noticed and in this age of global media coverage – good uniforms will lead to a positive impression of the country;
  5. It will improve the health and safety guidelines and practices;
  6. It will help inculcate the missing D-in India’s global offering – Discipline.
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Uniforms do make a difference. We must recognise this fact, stop cutting corners while working on a uniform programme or looking at the need for one.

Like China, India is all about numbers. To give just one example, we have more than 9 million private security guards – in our offices /homes/societies, etc. – how many of them have a proper uniform? Just dressing them well would require nearly 40 million metres of fabrics. With at least 18 million sets of uniforms to be stitched – that would be quite an employment generator.

How can we improve the usage of uniforms

  1. Strict guidelines for uniform usage and its Implementation.
  2. Zero tolerance towards negligence in specifying the correct protective wear for workers.
  3. Openness to accept global best practices.
  4. Uniforms are not an expense to be cut – or avoided – they are an integral need for the work to be done. We must focus on good design/quality to help give fit for purpose uniform.
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Today when the textile industry is struggling – uniforms can be the balm that the industry needs. While a marriage can take place without guests or much fanfare – a worker cannot work without uniform.

(Mukesh Vijaywargi is Area Director, New Markets, Klopman International)

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Klopman International SRL


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