US Textile, Apparel Imports Rise 111.5% In May


US imports of textiles and apparels in May 2021 registered a growth of 111.5%, compared to May 2020. Imports of textiles were 5209.4 MSME in May 2021, up 100.9% from May 2020. On the other hand, imports of apparels were 2280.2 MSME in May 2021, up 140.6% from May 2020.

Imports of textiles and apparels were 32,413.3 MSME for the year-to-date May 2021, an increase of 43.9% from year-to-date May 2020. Similarly, imports of textiles were 21,370.9 MSME for the year-to-day May 2021, an increase of 48.8% from the same period last year. Apparel imports for the year-to-date May 2021 were 11,042.4 MSME, up 35.3% from the year-to-date May 2020.

India is the second largest exporter of textiles and apparel to the US in May. Exports from India at 771.6 MSME witnessed an increase of 364.7%. India is followed by Vietnam, Pakistan and Bangladesh. China, the largest exporter of textiles and apparels to US, witnessed a growth of 62.2% in May 2021, compared to May 2020.

India’s exports to the US during January-May 2021 stood at 3545.1 MSME was 58.2% higher than in the same period of 2020. China remained the largest supplier with exports of 13,454.3 MSME, a growth of 59%.

Product wise, made-ups were the highest imported category in May 2021. With import of 2653.9 MSME, made-ups import were 78.4% higher than in May 2020. The second highest imported category was fabrics, with imports of 2288.1 MSME, a growth of 157.1% in May 2021. Apparel imports were at 2280.2 MSME that grew 140.6% in May 2021.

Fibre wise, MMF textiles and apparels dominated the trade with imports of 5506.2 MSME with a growth of 100% in May 2021. Cotton textiles and apparels import by the US stood at 1838.5 MSME and witness a growth of 161.6% in May 2021.


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