VJTI’s Vastra 2017 Textile Tech-Fest Witnesses Robust Footfalls

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Vastra’ 17, the textile technical festival at VJTI’s home ground in Mumbai concluded on April 8 with a reported footfall of over 1000 students and faculty from all over India.

Participants in this event included students from Mumbai, Shirpur, Coimbatore, and Guntur. This popular inter-college textile fest conducted events like paper presentation and poster presentation. The events provided a platform for participants to voice their ideas and opinions besides sharing of knowledge.

As a part of the festivities, a technical quiz session was conducted which encouraged the students to participate in brainstorming. Alongside, spontaneous sketching competition was also held to foster creativity in fashion designing.

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The students made a beeline when it came to product marketing to showcase their innovative products and compel buyers to purchase them. Needless to say it caught the attention of many visitors on the site.

In a nutshell, Vastra ’17 was packed with five innovative events including the inauguration and prize distribution ceremony. The festival was instrumental in serving as a platform for ideas and knowledge sharing about textile technology across the country.

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The festival was backed by the student committee besides director of VJTI, O G Kakde and head of the department of textile manufacturing, Dr. V.D. Gommare. It was done under the supervision of staff coordinator Dr D P Kakad.

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