Schoch Introduces Energy Saving Reed Technology For All Types Of Airjet Weaving Looms


Schoch has introduced energy saving reed technology that can be customised to save energy in different types of airjet weaving machines. This innovation promises to be a major cost-cutting measure which can be adopted across weaving industry in airjet looms.

ESR’S (Energy Saving Reed) are designed to suit in terms of energy saving and saves the air consumption for high speed airjet looms.

The optimised shape of this new type of airjet reeds in combination with   our designed sub-nozzles, allows saving an important amount of air with optimum weaving-loom efficiency.

Further, to assist customers to maximise efficiency and to reduce the increasing energy costs, Schoch has devised a special audit service. Under this innovative service approach, Schoch technical team assists airjet loom owners with an audit service for air consumption.  To maximise efficiency and to reduce the energy costs, its technical team assists airjet loom customers with an audit service called ‘From Generation to Consumption’. This audit can start directly from the compressor together with the compressor technician, by checking the piping, detecting leakages, checking airjet reeds’ efficiency, the nozzle’s efficiency and finally measuring the difference of CFM consumption,” said Matteo Schoch  Managing Director  Schoch Reeds India Private Limited.

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“Therefore our technicians will be able to suggest to the customer if there is a potential to decrease the air consumption and to what extent. At the end of the audit we will deliver a detailed report with clear indications on Year/CFM savings for each loom or for each weaving hall. From our experience, the older is the installment of the looms and related infrastructure, the higher are the results and potentials for decreasing the air consumption,” he added.

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“Results may vary from 5% up to 20% CFM savings according to the quality of machines, infrastructure and maintenance.  The data provided is as per our experience only with detail report. This service is only available from our factory in India,” he concluded.

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Schoch supplies reeds for all types of weaving machines irrespective of the type of fiber, fabric constructions or designs.

Schoch S.R.L. was founded in Northern Italy (Ranica – Bergamo) in 1907 and set up a new factory in Kolhapur, called Schoch Reeds India Pvt. Ltd. which has been operational since 2009.    


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