Wizcan By Rimtex Steals The Show At ITMA 2019

Gaurav Parmar, Director of Rimtex Group

At the recently concluded 18th edition of ITMA in Barcelona, RIMTEX group sowed the seeds of spinning mill 4.0. In this interaction, Director of Rimtex Group, Gaurav Parmar, shares his experience of ITMA 2019 and talks about the group’s innovation in the sliver intelligence space.

How was ITMA 2019 for you?
The response to our display was extremely encouraging. The visitor flow kept us busy throughout the show. More importantly, we received quality visitors from across the globe, and especially from India, Turkey, Uzbekistan, South America, Central America and South East Asia.

What new did you bring to ITMA 2019?
We introduced a futuristic technology called WIZCAN at ITMA 2019. Among many other launches WIZCAN was our showstopper, and the interest it generated surpassed our expectations. With this product, a spinner can link the whole spinning preparation system through digital technology and get real time insights on the process. This is unprecedented, we like to call this sliver intelligence.

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We showcased another new product called X-Optimax under our spinning rings and travellers business – The X-Axis. The product is developed specially for core yarn and synthetic yarn which are stronger and harder than other fibres.

We also showcased a large variety of casters for different usage in the textile industry and various types of material handling.  Furthermore we introduced automised and motorised electrically charged vehicles which are suited to augment the efficiency of manual winding, can movements and caster cleaning.

How would Wizcan system benefit the spinners?
WIZCAN has numerous possibilities, it is a paradigm shift in the process of sliver management.

Also the system is adaptable to any size of spinning mill. Any spinning mill looking to improve their quality of output, will see immense value in WIZCAN. With WIZCAN the spinner gets real time insights to manage, regulate and control quality at every stage of yarn preparation.

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What kind of investment a spinner will have to do for this system as the investments in spinning are down at the movement?
WIZCAN is a system that adapts to spinners needs and requirements, hence the costs depend on many variables like machine, mill size, etc. On the whole the investment leads the spinner to higher efficiency.

WIZCAN gives them the control to find out where they are losing, to stop production where quality is not up to the mark and change the production method. This system offers a lot of flexibility to the mills, and comes with many benefits for the spinners. We reckon that even in the current slow-down, WIZCAN will garner investment, since on an overall scale it enhances spinners’ profitability and in turn giving better ROI.

Do you expect investments in the spinning industry to pick up?
The investments in the spinning industry are slow right now. But it will surely pick up after this exhibition, as tremendous new innovations were showcased at ITMA. India is the second largest textile hub in the world, so the industry can never go down, it’s just a cycle. In my opinion, the investments in spinning sector will pick up in the coming months.

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Has the US-China trade war impacted your business?
It hasn’t shown any impact yet on our products for textile. But it has definitely impacted our non-textile business, for instance, caster wheels. We manufacture more than 600 types of caster wheels to serve multiple industry needs. Business in this segment is positively impacted because of the US-China trade tensions.


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