World Class Textile Printing Show From SPGPrints At ITMA 2019


SPGPrints promise ‘All you need in printing’ was visualized on a 1500 m² booth at the world’s largest textile machinery show ‘ITMA’ which was held in Barcelona, Spain. SPGPrints showcased the latest equipment and consumables developments for both the rotary and digital printing applications. Supported by live demonstrations and three Experience Centers, visitors at SPGPrints booth could learn the technology backgrounds of the ground braking new developments that were showcased, and also got a glimpse of the future in the “Technical Vision Center”

The growing world of rotary printing
With the introduction of two new screen types, the display of the latest rotary printing machine PegasusEvo and the latest BestLEN engraving technology, SPGPrints underlined her statement to the market that the rotary printing market is still growing. In the Screen Experience Center the visitor could review print samples made with the new OrtaScreen, a revolutionary screen based on the flatbed screen structure. Also the newest past saving screen RandomEco, that also helps to avoid Moiré, was prominent present in the Experience Center.

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Where rotary meets digital
Several times per day SPGPrints presented a 15-minute explanation on the much requested topic “when do you print rotary and when do you choose digital printing”? Burning topics like “what is the break even point?” or “what is the price per linear meter” have been addressed. The presentation was concluded by a live demonstration of the SPGPrints PIKE single pass digital printing line, now capable to achieve speeds up to 60 linear meters per minute

World premiere of the digital printer JAVELIN2
During the whole show live demonstrations of the new JAVELIN2 have given the audience the confirmation that this digital printer is giving unrivalled print quality, while running faster and more reliable then any other multiple pass printer in the show. The company’s proprietary Archer® Technology, used in both digital printers JAVELIN² and PIKE, is the first ink jet technology specifically designed for digital textile printing and has proven over the last years that it puts an end to the headache of print heads commonly known in the market.

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Digital ink developments
SPGPrints is producing digital textile inks since the early 90’s and meanwhile has an extensive range of inks for all major printheads used in today’s digital printing equipment. The runnability of the SPGPrints inks is widely recognized in the world and has made SPGPrints one of the largest suppliers of inks to single pass printers. In the Ink Experience Center customers could take a virtual reality tour through the ink production in Boxmeer, and learn about the unique technology and production processes behind these excellent inks.

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Commercial success
During the show SPGPrints signed contracts for several rotary printing machines, engraving systems, digital printers, ink contracts and screens agreements. This has made the ITMA 2019 one of the most successful events in the recent history of SPGPrints, and it confirms that SPGPrints delivers “All you need in printing”.


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