Textile Excellence Tabloid, 16-30 April, 2021

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Textile Excellence assists Decision Makers across the hierarchy of operations to make Informed Decisions in day to day business. This ‘value addition’ is not just a marketing spiel, we trot out to impress our advertisers, but a continual process of diligently striving to give more to our readers; more value for their time; more yield for their effort. In short, a Bigger Bang for Their Bucks.

This issue of Textile Excellence covers some of the topics as below:

  • Global Textile Industry Turnover Fell 9% In 2020: ITMF
  • Decrease In Global Short-Staple And Rotor Capacities
  • Lockdown In Europe Impact India’s Apparel Exports
  • Global Brands Find It Hard To Untangle Themselves From Xinjiang Cotton
  • India’s Cotton Sector Divided Over Prospects Of Higher Acreage
  • Optimistic Economic Outlook
  • Ine Garment Manufacturing Countries Join Forces To Demand Better Terms From Retailers


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