Worldwide Outlook for the Nonwovens Industry 2018-2023

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INDA and EDANA are pleased to publish this sixth edition of the Worldwide Outlook for the Nonwovens Industry, a report that provides the most accurate representation of the total worldwide production and outlook for nonwovens. The worldwide nonwovens industry’s prospects continue to be favorable, and it remains a rewarding and dynamic industry in which to be involved.

This—287 page, 92 figures, 40 tables— report presents detailed production data by region for the global nonwovens industry for 2008, 2013 and 2018, and a forecast for 2023. Specifically, the goals of the report were to:

  • provide economic and demographic trends, as they are significant drivers of demand within the nonwovens industry;
  • explain industry trends within regions, processes, end uses, raw materials, and trade flows;
  • present industry production for region by process and end use markets;
  • provide an overall picture of global nonwoven roll goods trade; and
  • define and clarify production processes and end-use market segmentation to provide greater clarity in the industry.
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Order today to receive a complimentary updated historical and forecast summary in the summer of 2020.

Also Read  DiloGroup at ITM + Hightex 2022


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